Optoma EH320UST


Key features:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • contrast ratio is20,000: 1
  • 2 x HDMI Input and 16W audio
  • Bright projections with 4,000 lumens
  • Crestron RoomView – RJ45 Steering and control
  • VGA, HDMI, composite, component, audio mini-jack, RCA audio



The Optoma EH320UST is a Full HD Ultra short throw projector which stands out with its high light output of 4000 lumens and the excellent contrast value of 20,000: 1. It makes it particularly suitable for teaching and business, where you can often find rooms that cannot always darken. In addition, to the installation close to the wall, a presenter, with an ultra-short distance projector, hardly casts any shadows and is not blinded by the light beam. Ultimately, the automatic shutdown feature also saves energy: the projector shuts down after a set time when it is not in use. The UST projector is rounded off by its two HDMI Inputs and the powerful 16-watt speaker.


Easy To Install & Use

Optoma projectors designed to operate 24 hours a day in standard mode. Ideal for long periods.The standard lamp warranty covers 24/7 projector operation. The projector warranty based on standard operating hours of use. For optimal performance, Optoma recommends turning off the projector or putting it into standby mode every 24 hours for 30 minutes to conserve lamp life.

To the unique ultra-short distance lens, an image up to 100′ (2.54 meters) can realize at a distance of 55cm. As already described at the beginning, such a positioning reduces shadows and glare. A UST projector also used if the premises do not allow installing a conventional projector in the rear area. The Projection ratio of the Optoma EH320UST is 0.25: 1. Also on board is the Eco + technology, which has high contrast, extended Lamp life, and energy-saving features combined. Overall, this ensures lower power consumption, which is also supported by unique lamp modes, leading to longer lamp life.


Image Technology

The Optoma EH320UST has one resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD), which is a native format of 16: 9 corresponds. The light output in bright mode is 4000 lumens with a contrast ratio of 20,000: 1. Both are excellent values. The Dark Chip 3 from Texas Instruments is responsible for the display technology. The result pictures with more depth and the fonts and tables are easy to read. It is particularly essential for the teaching and business area. The excellent picture convinced in an Optoma EH320UST test.

In addition to the Full HD resolution, the Optoma is also directly 3D capable. One of its HDMI Inputs can connect to 3D players such as 3D Blu-ray players, corresponding PCs, and game consoles. The refresh rate in 3D mode is a high 144Hz, which ensures smooth playback for the 3D operation of the Optoma projectors, the corresponding 3D content, and an optional one 3D Shutter glasses necessary. Objects can be displayed more stereo scopically in the educational or design area.



The Optoma EH320UST conveniently positioned for the links: 2 x HDMI (1.4a 3D support), 2 x VGA (YPbPr / RGB), Composite, 2 x Audio In 3.5mm, Audio Out 3.5mm, VGA Out (together with VGA2), RJ45 LAN, RS232, USB mouse control/service, 12V trigger, mic in, USB-A power and 3D-Sync.


Network & Control

Via the RS232, the Optoma projector can operate. It is also AMX compatible. The integrated Dynamic Discovery protocol, therefore, allows easy installation with AMX control systems. Control via LAN is available as a third option. With the compatible RoomView software, you can conveniently switch off, monitor, and control many projectors from a web browser. With this type of control, you can also automatically receive mail if, for example, the lamp needs to replaced.


Eco AV Mute

The presenter can then draw the listener’s attention again by hiding the image. As a side effect, electricity consumption is also reduced by around 70%. In addition, this extends the life of the lamp. If the projector accidentally turned off, you can turn it back on using the Quick Resume function. The Optoma EH320UST is a bright and high-resolution full HD ultra-short-throw projector. The UST projector is, therefore, suitable for education and business. Be Projection ratio of 0.25: 1 allows an approximately 2.54 m image to projected at a distance of 55 cm. It also has two HDMI Inputs and a powerful speaker.


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