Optoma UHD65


Key features:

  • Noise level is 25 dB
  • Luminous flux 2200 lm
  • Built-in speakers: 2 x 4 W
  • Contrast ratio is 1200000: 1
  • Projector resolution is 3840 x 2160
  • The image size from 0.67 to 7.68 m



The Optoma UHD65, which built on a DLP matrix with a resolution of 2716×1528. 4K images rendered using Texas Instruments’ proprietary XPR technology. The manufacturer emphasizes that the technology above generates a full-fledged UHD image from 8.3 million elements. Simultaneously, the shift of the filter, which allows you to create pseudo-4K, occurs at such a high speed that human vision is unable to notice it. In the maximum brightness mode, it will work for 4000 hours, economically – 10,000 hours, in the dynamic mode – 15,000 hours. The brightness of the model in Bright mode is 2200 lumens.



In terms of flexibility, the Optoma UHD65 offers flexible optics with a factor of 1.6 zooms. With it, you are flexible in the arrangement or the image size. Then there is the vertical Lens shift of + 15%. It makes it easier to align the image on the canvas.


Image Technology

With its 3840 x 2160 pixels, the 4K UHD resolution offers the best conditions for high-end home cinema. The 4K- As with TV sets, the decision is becoming more and more the standard. Therefore, the available content is also increasing, which suits the Optoma UHD65. You can spy more details in the picture, the subtleties better emphasized, and the entire image appears livelier. Compared to the full HD resolution is the difference at 4K-Content visible.

An essential quality that many 4K Projectors hand in hand with the resolution is the HDR compatibility. To HDR (High Dynamic Range), the range of contrast significantly increased, enabling new dimensions in terms of color and contrast. It will be the contrast, which also affects the color, which is decisive for the image quality. Many current UHD Blu-rays also offer HDR support, which makes the picture experience. It is also an issue for gamers with existing consoles. In terms of color quality, the Optoma UHD65 offers excellent results. To the RGBRGB color wheel, it achieves an accurate Rec. 709 display. It ensures natural colors, which are particularly useful in color-intensive films. In the Optoma UHD65, the color reproduction was vivid and natural at the same time. To its excellent quality, the projector offers the option of being calibrated according to the ISF ccc standard. In this way, you can have two optimal settings calibrated for use in lighter and darker rooms.


Other Features

The intermediate image calculation, called PureMotion at Optoma, ensures sharp images with fast movements in the Optoma UHD65. Especially in action-packed scenes, Interframe estimation a feature that many home cinema fans no longer want to do. To the Ultra Detail function, the image displayed as it recorded. The fine details retained, which ensures optimally sharp image reproduction. The image information is not falsified and keeps in its natural way.



The Optoma UHD65 well positioned in this area. It has two HDMI inputs, one of which supports HDCP 2.2 and MHL. There is also a VGA input for analog sources. There is a for controlling the projector RS232, and a LAN interface are available. For the internal 2 x, 4-watt loudspeaker stands a To slink, a 3.5 mm jack input and a 3.5 mm jack output are available. There is also a USB connection for the 5V DC power supply and a second one USB Connection.


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