Panasonic PT-RZ770BE


Key features:

  • Brightness 7200 lm
  • 3D color management system
  • Rec. 709 for HDTV projection HDTV
  • 10-bit image processing in the entire path
  • Light source service life from 20,000 hours
  • Histogram view function: perfect “fit” image



The Panasonic PT-RZ770BE is a high-resolution 1-chip DLP laser phosphor projector supplied with a standard lens and can accommodate optional optics. With his WUXGA resolution, the Panasonic displays 1,920 x 1,200 pixels and goes beyond the Full HD range. The light output is 7000 lumens, the dynamic contrast 10,000: 1. Due to the advanced laser technology, a life cycle of up to 20,000 hours can achieve. DIGITAL LINK technology transmits uncompressed Full HD videos and control commands over a single network cable.


Image Technology

The Panasonic PT-RZ770BE projector uses the 1-chip DLP laser phosphor light technology and maximizes the mileage up to 20,000 hours. The light output is 7,000 lumens, the dynamic contrast at 10,000: 1. The high-resolution WUXGA resolution with 1,920 x 1200 pixels goes over the Full HD resolution and allows you to add information at the edge of the picture.

The Panasonic PT-RZ770BE offers different projection modes, each with a natural color rendering and white balance. The Detail Clarity Processor 3 ensures more sharpness and clarity in the details. The Panasonic PT-RZ770BE projector features a dust-proof construction with an airtight optical block, whereby the double optical laser unit enables reliable continuous operation with failover protection.


Control & Connectivity

A convenient feature is the digital link technology based on HDBaseT technology. The connection established with a network cable and a length of up to 100 meters is possible. With DIGITAL LINK technology, you can transmit uncompressed Full HD videos and Ethernet / RS-232C control commands at up to 100 meters. It is practical if the projector can integrate into a network. The Panasonic PT-RZ770BE conveniently positioned with its connections. It has the following interfaces: It has the following inputs: 1 HDMI in, 1 x DVI-D in, 1 x D-sub 15pin in, 5 x BNC RGBHV in, RS232C Din 9 pin in, 1 xRJ45 in (DIGITAL LINK), 1 x SDI IN BNC (3G / HD / SD-SDI) and the DIGITAL LINK (via the RJ45 Interface).


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