Ricoh PJ WXC1110


Key features:

  • 600 lumens of brightness for clear images
  • As well as for use with all projection screens
  • Perfect for mobile users to the battery option
  • LED-Projection with a lamp life of 20,000 hours
  • Ideal for small rooms, classrooms/meeting rooms
  • Extremely compact and light and, therefore very mobile



If you need a projector that is just as mobile, versatile, and flexible as you are, this model is the ideal solution. Its do not take up much space, does not require complicated installation, and is easy to store. Its are noticeably quieter than large projectors and consume significantly less energy. The Ricoh PJ WXC1110 projector has another essential advantage that sets it apart from all other miniature models. It is almost the only miniature projector with a wide-angle lens that allows you to get a big picture at a slight distance from the screen. It makes it especially useful for small spaces (meeting rooms, family cafes, classrooms, etc.).


Image Technology

The projection distance of the lens is in the range of 0.43 – 3.44 meters. In this case, the maximum width of the picture is 4.3 meters. However, the manufacturer recommends limiting the image width to 2.5 meters. The larger the size is assumed to decrease the brightness and saturation of the image. But it seems to me that this is not the reason.

Ricoh PJ WXC1110 belongs to the class of DLP projectors. It equipped with a 0.45 ″ DLP chip with a physical resolution of 1280×800 (16:10). The light source is RGB LED, eliminating the rainbow effect inherent in DLP lamp projectors. The brightness of the light source is 600 lumens. It is more than enough to use the projector even in conditions of a partial blackout. The LED light source is impressive. In maximum brightness mode, it is 20,000 hours in economy mode ー 30,000 hours. In other words, it is practically eternal.


Connectivity & Control

The Ricoh PJ WXC1110 supports various connection options. In addition to the HDMI port, the projector has a VGA input, used, for example, for compatibility with old equipment. In addition, Ricoh PJ WXC1110 can directly play multimedia content from a memory card or USB drive and supports the connection of an external EZCast Pro adapter, allowing you to connect a tablet, smartphone, or laptop via Wi-Fi.

The projector can control using the control panel on the top of the cabinet. It includes a four-way joystick and buttons for quickly changing the brightness and aspect ratio. In addition, Ricoh PJ WXC1110 equipped with a miniature IR remote control, which includes additional buttons for quick access to various functions and power of playing multimedia content from a flash drive.


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