Sony VPL-EW575


Key features:

  • There is an input for connecting a microphone
  • Optical zoom makes projector installation easy
  • The vertical keystone correction is + -20 degrees
  • Wireless data allowing you to connect various devices
  • The presence of built-in speakers with a power of 16 W
  • LCD technology provides natural and realistic color reproduction



The Sony VPL-EW575 projector is perfect for mid-sized classrooms and conference rooms. This compact yet powerful, low noise projector projects detailed WXGA images with a color brightness of 4,300 lumens and a 20,000: 1 contrast ratio, making it easy to view even in brightly lit rooms and on large screens. And Sony’s 3LCD technology makes colors look natural and lifelike. Image quality has significantly improved over previous models, with new color balance and white balance options for crisp screen text, and Vivid mode makes images appear more vibrant and more natural.


Image Technology

The Sony VPL-EW575 projector with a maximum brightness of 4300 lumens (High-Quality Mode) delivers crisp, high-contrast images visible to the entire audience in brightly lit rooms and on large screens. Three brightness modes for a variety of applications, from natural daylight to dim environments. The efficient 3LCD panel system is enhanced with BrightEra technology to deliver bright, stable, high-definition images with accurate color reproduction and impressive realism. The WXGA (1280 x 800) 16:10 screen resolution provides crisp, detailed photos: great for presentations directly from your laptop, mobile device, or DVD player.



The Sony VPL-EW575 projector can be used seamlessly and integrated AV / IT environments. And connectivity is expanded with two HDMI ports and a Direct USB Display connector. Convenient indication of input connections simplifies patching by displaying the name of the connected device on the screen. Connect the Sony VPL-EW575 projector to your network and watch presentations from up to four PCs or Macs simultaneously. Connect an optional Wi-Fi adapter and give wireless presentations right from your laptop.

It is possible to project from four PC / Mac devices simultaneously and connect up to eight devices simultaneously. ‘Projector Station for Network Presentation’ application for Windows / Mac. Two HDMI input connectors provide a secure connection to HDMI-compatible devices such as computers or streaming media devices. Display images and play audio from PC and Mac devices by connecting the projector with a USB cable – you don’t even need to install driver software. A mismatch between audio and video streams is possible. To reduce latency, it recommended that you connect the projector using a line-in or HDMI-in.


Energy Saving

A range of energy-saving features and a 10,000-hour lamp life (RRP) ensure a low cost of ownership. To the rear accessibility of the lamp, routine maintenance is quick and easy. Enhanced energy savings with advanced lightbox technology. The auto-dimming function can significantly reduce energy costs when the Sony VPL-EW575 projector is turned on but not in use. It automatically adjusts the luminous output flux depending on the displayed scene. With a one press of a button on the remote control, you can temporarily dim the Sony VPL-EW575 projector and reduce power consumption.

Sony VPL-EW575 ProjectorSony VPL-EW575 Projector

Helping Functions

The virtually silent fan allows the Sony VPL-EW575 projector to use in quiet environments such as classrooms and conference rooms. Lamp mode: High brightness 35 dB, Standard brightness 33 dB, Low intensity 29 dB. Please don’t waste time and start your presentation right away: the Sony VPL-EW575 projector will automatically turn on when it detects a signal from a connected PC. After finishing your performance, there is no need to spend a lot of time shutting down: turn off the projector and unplug it immediately – no cooling time is required.


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