Sony VPL-EX575


Key features:

  • Luminous flux 4200 lm
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 16 W
  • Projector resolution is 1024 x 768
  • The image size from 0.76 to 7.62 m
  • The image output from USB flash drives
  • VGA, HDMI, S-Video, composite, component



With the Sony VPL-EX575, you get a connection-friendly presentation projector with a high light output of 4,200 ANSI lumens. The projector delivers a good picture in rooms with a top residual light component. The compact Sony VPL-EX575 projector, with its XGA resolution, aims at schools and offices. Its design for interaction with a laptop that is also in the corresponding decision comes along as if made. Existing 4: 3 whiteboards or canvases can also use. The contrast ratio of 20,000: 1 ensures that tables, documents, and presentations are well presented. To its new setting for color and white balance, it provides razor-sharp reproduction of texts.


Image Technology

The 3rd LCD Sony VPL-EX575 projector comes with a very high brightness of 4,200 ANSI lumens and can project a bright image in rooms with residual light. The contrast of 20,000: 1 matched to the intensity of the projector and ensures a high-contrast display of tables, documents, and presentations. It also improves a high contrast the overall picture depth. With its XGA resolution, which is no longer up to date, the Sony predestined for playback from a notebook. Unless you’re presenting ultra-sharp photos or videos, the XGA resolution is entirely sufficient to display Excel sheets, Word documents, and the like on a large scale in the classroom and business use. With the new ‘Vivid’ image mode, the Sony VPL-EX575 projector ensures an even more vibrant image and vivid colors.



In addition to the excellent picture, the Sony VPL-EX575 also ensures adequate audio reproduction. With its integrated 16-watt mono speaker, it amplifies incoming audio signals in medium-sized rooms. It doesn’t have to hide when it comes to the quality of the sound, either. From a specific room size, however, you should think about an optional reinforcement. With its 29dB in the Eco, The fan is not particularly noticeable in mode.

Sony’s free ‘Projector Remote’ app use for convenient remote control of the projector, with which the projector can remotely control over long distances. In terms of structure, the app is well structured and very intuitive to use. You can’t get digital content through just one of the two HDMI Play inputs. Via the direct USB display connection, you can display content on a connected Mac or PC via a USB-Cable to play. Images and presentations are best suited for playback via the USB-Display-Connection, as there can be a delay between picture and sound when playing videos. With its various connections, the Sony VPL-EX575 strong position. The Sony VPL-EX575 projector has the following interfaces: 2 HDMI in, 2 x D-sub 15 pin in, 1 x out, 1 x S-video in, 1 x Cinch Video in, 1 x Mini Jack Audio in, 1 x RS232C, 1 x RJ45 in, USB Type A, B, and 1 x microphone.


Lamp Life

If the Sony VPL-EX575 projector operated in the low brightness setting, the lamp could run for up to 10,000 hours. The operating costs reduce, and the maintenance effort is kept correspondingly low. It comes into play when the projector is switched on but not in use. With the auto-picture mode, the light intensity automatically adapted to the displayed image. You can hide the image at the push of a button, thereby reducing power consumption.

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Helpful Functions

The Sony VPL-EX575 has crucial functions on board to simplify your everyday business life and so that you can make presentations quickly. With the automatic switch-on, the projector switches on automatically as soon as a connected PC recognizes the signal. With the ‘quick switch off’ function, you can switch off the Sony VPL-EX575 projector and pull the plug without having to wait for a cooling phase. The original input name designation is undoubtedly an advantage in everyday business life. It allows you to create your input names so that you can easily see on the screen which devices are connected and currently in use.


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