Sony VPL-FH500L


Key features:

  • Brightness is 7000 lm
  • The light source is the lamp
  • Contrast ratio is up to 2500 : 1
  • 3LCD projector for installations
  • WUXGA resolution is (1920 x 1200)
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI, RGB (BNC), S-Video



The Sony VPL-FH500L developed to fit into many situations, so whenever a high-quality projector is required. To its outstanding brightness and color brightness of 7,000 lumens, its zoom, and its massive Lens shift. The 16:10 resolution(WUXGA, 1920×1200) of the Sony VPL-FH500L offers the very best picture quality. To its extremely high color brightness of 7000 lumens, the Sony VPL-FH500L delivers a clearer picture, even in bright ambient light, ideal for larger venues such as halls, museums. It makes it a first-class and professional device, which also knows how to convince its extensive image functions and connection options. The model also provides outstanding installation flexibility and effortless maintenance in an elegant design that blends in well with any space.



With the newly designed flat housing, the projector blends in well with the surroundings. As mentioned before, the projector’s connection board is located on the front, so that the audience cannot see it. It means that the projector fits even better into the situation in which it installed or installed.


Advanced Technology

The projector comes with advanced projector technologies in the inconspicuous blend-in design. It is an excellent choice for applications at universities and companies, museums, and medical institutions (DICOM). With its previously mentioned color light intensity of 7000 lumens, the projector produces high-quality WUXGA resolution images. The Sony VPL-FH500L projector offers its high light output and, at the same time, low maintenance costs outstanding properties in its class.

The WUXGA projector from Sony offers a native image resolution of 1,920 by 1,200 pixels. Content in Full HD can be played back without loss of quality. The Sony VPL-FH500L designed for applications in which a high-quality projector is to use. To its brightness, the zoom-Function and projection distance and its significant Lens shift In terms of performance. Even in bright ambient light, where other projectors have difficulties, it offers a balanced picture. With Bright Era technology, Sony has improved color purity. The system also extends the life span by reducing the LCD-Panels protects against harmful UV light. The projector’s performance and features are particularly useful in venues with high ceilings, such as in auditoriums, universities, churches, museums, or schools.

Sony VPL-FH500L ProjectorSony VPL-FH500L Projector


With its large 1.6 times zoo mand the equally high projection distance of 1.4 to 2.3, it can be set up and set up in many places. The standard lens has a wide-angle function with which a high projection distance achieved. At the same time, more flexibility in positioning the projector ensured. Simple installation is possible with the extensive lens shift range of vertical: +/- 113% and horizontal: +/- 63%.

With this extremely good Lens shift-Area, the projector can place closer to the ceiling. To avoid obstacles on the roof, Sony can also install horizontally offset. After installation, the Sony VPL-FH500L offers excellent image capacity and a long service life with low operating costs. Intelligent functions such as a synchronized lamp and filter exchange support him. All of this led to reduced costs and minimized downtime.


Automatic Dual Lamp System

The two-lamp system and the automatic switch over enable the lamp to have a useful lifespan of 6000-8000 hours (high/standard). It happens when the lamp has reached the end of its lifespan: the projector switches to a second lamp that has already been installed, doubling the lamp’s useful lifespan, halving the necessary maintenance and lowering operating costs. By integrating the newly developed high-performance lamp combined with modern lamp control technology, the projectors will offer an extremely long lamp replacement interval of approx. 6000 hours in standard operation and 8000 hours in Eco Fashion. In addition, the projector attracts attention due to low power consumption.



The optional lenses VPLL-Z4015, VPLL-Z4019, VPLL-Z4025, and VPLL-Z4045 are ARC-F lenses (All Range Crisp Focus). They are characterized by a large diameter and fine spacing and ensure sharp images.


Image Technology

Extremely high image quality achieved using a new generation optical system that uses the Bright Era TM Long Lasting Optics technology from Sony. In a Sony VPL-FH500L test, we were able to confirm the incredibly detailed and, at the same time, brilliant picture. The device generates an outstanding WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200), which even exceeds the Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

The Sony VPL-FH500L equipped with a 12-bit3D-Gamma correction circuit provided to perform particularly accurate gamma correction. With this technique, the seamless gradations and a finely graded grayscale achieved. It puts the Sony VPL-FH500L in a good position in terms of all of its imaging technology. The DICOM GSDF simulation is particularly interesting for presentations in the medical field. The Sony VPL-FH500L has a new gamma mode: DICOM GSDF simulation. This mode is ideal for viewing digital medical imagery for non-diagnostic applications.



One press of the remote control is enough to switch off the picture. It is particularly useful when presenting if the lecturer wants to draw attention. It mutes the sound at the same time. There is also a separate button that can only use to soften the tone. It allows the presented image to run through, and the presenter can speak again at the same time without being interrupted by the sound. The Picture Freeze function is useful if you want to see other material on your computer screen during presentations without showing it to the audience. If the current image is frozen, the PC can use regardless of the display of the projector.



The Sony VPL-FH500L conveniently positioned on the connection side. With the usual large selection of inputs, a connection for an external monitor for the lecturer and the advanced projection function. Such as side-by-side image projection and medical training for DICOM, the Sony VPL-FH500L, is particularly suitable for applications where quality is required, and it still has to be practical.

It has a selection of inputs, as is usual with professional devices in its class: On HDMI, a DVI-D, and S-video, a Cinch Video input, and a D-sub 15 pin input and output. A unique feature is the 5 xBNCTo name RGBHV input, which is reserved exclusively for professional devices. The Sony projector is controlled via the RS232C interface and canRJ45be integrated into a LAN network. All connections are also on the front of the invention so that no disturbing cables are visible to the viewer.


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