Sony VPL-FWZ60


Key features:

  • 5100 lm brightness
  • Contrast ratio is 10000 : 1
  • 3LCD projector for installations
  • Projector resolution is 1280 x 800
  • The image size from 1.02 to 15.24 m
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI, composite, audio mini-jack inputs



The Sony VPL-FWZ60 laser projector is ideal for educational, commercial, and general presentation purposes. The authoritative Z-Phosphor laser light source is paired with Sony’s advanced BrightEra 3LCD projection engine to deliver crisp WXGA images with a maximum light output of 5000 lumens and rich, stable color gamut. The Constant Brightness function maintains the same brightness level throughout the 20,000 hours recommended operating life.

Sony VPL-FWZ60 ProjectorSony VPL-FWZ60 Projector

Laser Light & Installation

The laser light source delivers 20,000 operating hours with virtually no maintenance or unexpected lamp failures. The automatic filter system eliminates the need for regular filter cleaning from dust. Significantly reduced maintenance requirements complemented by several features that provide lower power consumption, resulting in a low total value of ownership over the entire life cycle.

Stylish new design to suit any space, no need to worry about cables and low fan noise: the Sony VPL-FWZ60 is suitable for use in all areas and industries – in educational institutions, offices, hospitals, and government organizations, as well as in retail and entertainment centers. The ability to seamlessly blend images generated by multiple projectors on extra-large projection surfaces, including the absence of geometric distortion on non-planar surfaces. The Sony VPL-FWZ60 projector can install at any angle – even on its side or upside-down—easy setup with an intuitive new setup menu.


Image Technology

Picture quality enhanced by the advanced processing features found on Sony home theater Sony VPL-FWZ60 projector. Reality Creation uses a pattern-matching database to optimize the display of each pixel. The Contrast Enhancer function analyzes the light and dark areas of an image and sharpens each of them. The Constant Brightness function maintains the same brightness level throughout the 20,000 hours recommended operating life. Make presentations from your PC or show videos in WXGA (1280×800) 16:10 resolution.

They were perfectly stitching color-matched images from multiple projectors, making it easy to create extra-large images for retail, corporate and educational environments. Picture mode allows you to achieve high-quality photos in all conditions. Optimize pictures from any source and room with Standard, Dynamic, Brightness Priority, or Multi-Screen modes. Play images from two sources simultaneously: ideal for video conferencing and medical training in cases where two copies must be displayed simultaneously.


Other Features

Achieve additional cost savings with convenient energy-saving features like Picture Mute and Auto Dimming. The Quick Power On function dramatically reduces the time the Sony VPL-FWZ60 projector takes to warm up before presenting at full brightness. Simple, cost-effective installation and digitally transmit HD video and audio and control signals over a single Ethernet cable. Low fan noise allows the Sony VPL-FWZ60 projector to used in quiet environments, from museums and galleries to auditoriums. Convenient projector adjustment using the remote control, including image warping and edge joining functions.


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