ViewSonic PRO8530HDL


Key features:

  • 1.6x optical zoom
  • HDBaseT support (optional)
  • High rated luminous flux of 5200 lumens
  • Full HD 1080p resolution (i.e. 1920 x 1080)
  • Wired and wireless (optional) network support
  • 4 HDMI inputs including one with MHL support



The ViewSonic PRO8530HDL projector is an excellent solution to meet large room projection requirements with a centrally positioned lens and a wide range of settings such as vertical lens shift, 1.6x optical zoom, horizontal and vertical keystone correction custom adjustment each of the 4 corners of the image. With its ingenious Flex-In (Flexible Installation) design, the ViewSonic PRO8530HDL combines a simple shape with high versatility and ease of installation, making it the flawless installation projector. For professional audiovisual performance, the ViewSonic PRO8530HDL features 5,200 lumens and Full HD resolution with SuperColor and SonicExpert technologies.


Other Features

The closed housing prevents dust and moisture from entering the lighting system and thus ensures clean image quality. Stylish design with double-sided cover and rear cable cover High flexibility Supports numerous configurations for versatile use Easy installation Easy to adjust image positioning and settings for uncomplicated set up. Power cords can become loose and painful to plugin over time, especially when the ViewSonic PRO8530HDL projector mounted on the ceiling. With its simple removal mechanism, the power cord lock ensures that the cables securely positioned, preventing accidental disconnection.



The selection wheel, which can operate without tools, controls the lens shift function for vertical adjustments without optical quality loss. This function enables the ViewSonic PRO8530HDL projector to be placed flexibly, especially in demanding installations. To its lens with 1.6x optical zoom, the LightStream projector offers flexible installation options with a more extensive range of projection distances. With the zoom lens, images can also display up to 60% larger than with a conventional projector with a fixed focus lens.

The horizontal and vertical keystone correction and the automatic vertical keystone correction enable a correctly proportioned image without distortion or warping. The automatic vertical keystone correction (and the 4-corner adjustment) also improves usability and simplifies setup and image positioning. The horizontal and vertical keystone correction can only correct symmetrical distortions. The 4-corner change helps with images that not symmetrically distorted. The centered lens position makes it easy to align and set up the projector without adjusting the environmental conditions.



This ViewSonic PRO8530HDL projector equipped with Crestron RoomView Express, an easy-to-use network management system with which administrators can monitor and control over 250 projectors from a single PC (switching on / off, lamp life, etc.). ViewSonic’s unique PortAll feature is a hidden area with an integrated and secure MHL / HDMI connection. Through which you can discreetly stream multimedia content from optional solutions, e.g., HDBaseT dongles, wireless dongles, USB sticks, etc. integrated micro USB-Cable the HDMI Dongles without power source with energy for charging.


HDBaset Technology

HDBaset Technology HDBaseT technology is a cost-effective solution for transmitting uncompressed ultra-HD audio and video data, infrared controls, and power-for-dongles with a LAN cable of Cat. 5e / 6/7 over up to 70 meters. It is better than that HDMI-Performance. Based on the HDBaseT technology, the ViewSonic HDBaseT dongle fits into the portal. It supports stable transmission over long distances, even with 4K Signals up to 35 meters with a LAB cable of Cat .5e / 6/7 as an alternative to HDMI-Installation.



The single power switch contains a power button, a dongle operating display, an infrared receiver for controlling the ViewSonic PRO8530HDL projector, and external playback devices. When a dongle from the PortAll compartment is activated, a small blue light indicates that the dongle is in operation. In addition, the power switch can receive signals and control the connected playback device remotely.


Image Technology

It offers a native full HD 1080p-resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to produce images with the greatest possible clarity and sharpness. It supports all HD formats (1080p / 1080i / 720p) and 3D Blu-Ray players. 3D images can be compatible with the optional ViewSonic PGD-350 shutter glasses, or others 3D Glasses considered.

ViewSonic’s SuperColor technology delivers a better color range than conventional DLP projectors of the same class. This way, users always enjoy highly realistic and accurate colors. To an exclusive color wheel construction and dynamic lamp control options, images are projected to the SuperColor technology in light and dark environments with consistent and lifelike colors and without sacrificing image quality.


Powerful Sound

To the exclusive groundbreaking innovations in loudspeaker construction (transducers and newly formed chambers), LightStream ViewSonic PRO8530HDL projector provide the entire frequency distance from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The two 10W speakers come up with high-quality sound and the best-matched acoustic reproduction curve. It thus converts electrical signals into powerful sound with high efficiency.


Remote Control

This remote control contains wireless presentation functions (mouse control, page up / down, etc.) and shortcuts for the most important to ensure that no presenter’s wish remains unfulfilled purposes. Frequently used services can start using the programmable shortcut ‘MyButton.’ Up to eight projectors can be controlled at the same installation location or via a mobile device using the free remote app (for iOS and Android).


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