Vivitek DW832


Key features:

  • Fast, automatic search for input signals
  • Plenty of flexibility with 1.5 times zoom
  • DLP ink and HDMI 1.4b Blu-ray support
  • RYGCWB-Color wheel with six segments
  • Network monitoring and management integrated
  • Integrated 10 W loudspeaker with multiple audio inputs/outputs



The Vivitek DW832 projector delivers crisp digital images. Such good quality is possible to 5000 ANSI lumens of brightness and 15000: 1 contrast ratio. The WXGA Vivitek DW832 resolution designed for a wide range of applications. Compact dimensions and low weight (only 3.2 kg) create a comfortable environment for transporting the device. Various connection options (HDMI / MHL), flexible 1.5x zoom make it possible to enjoy multiple multimedia applications in various human activity fields. Vivitek DW832 successfully used in both business negotiations and educational school events. Simply put, the Vivitek DW832 projector is easy to install and maintain, while still delivering high-quality images to its users.

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Other Features

It features a 6-segment RYGCWB color wheel for natural colors and a built-in 10W speaker for displaying multimedia content without the need for a separate audio system. In addition, there is full 3D support. Vivitek traditionally takes care of its customers and does everything to minimize the cost of servicing its equipment. In particular, to using the latest power supplies, lamp life has been increased – up to 3,500 hours. The lamp itself can be changed independently without the need for a technician. For this, Vivitek has provided a convenient top cover on the device body.


Image Technology

To the contrast ratio of 15,000: 1 and a brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens, the Vivitek DW832 is characterized by an outstanding digital image and brilliant colors. With the native WXGA resolution, the Vivitek DW832 is suitable for numerous applications. With its compact dimensions, the low weight of only 3.2 kg, and flexible 1.5 times zoom, the projector can conveniently use it in different conferences or classrooms. The Vivitek DW832 offers HDMI / MHL, as well as numerous connection options for multimedia applications.


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