Apple Watch Series 9


JSON data is incorrect
“Operating System”: {
“OS”: “watchOS 10”
“Display”: {
“Screen size”: [“41mm”, “45mm”],
“Resolution”: “High resolution (assumed)”,
“Type”: “OLED (Retina LTPO OLED display)”,
“Touch screen”: “Yes”,
“Always-on display”: “Yes”,
“Customizable watch faces”: “Yes”
“Design”: {
“Dial Shape”: “Rectangular”,
“Build Material”: [“Aluminum”, “Stainless Steel”],
“Strap Material”: [“Various materials (e.g., Sport Loop, Leather)”],
“Color options”: [“Multiple colors (e.g., Midnight, Starlight, Silver, Red, Gold, Graphite)”],
“Width”: [“35mm (41mm case)”, “38mm (45mm case)”],
“Height”: [“41mm (41mm case)”, “45mm (45mm case)”],
“Thickness”: “10.7mm”,
“Weight (g)”: [“31.9g (41mm aluminum)”, “38.7g (45mm aluminum)”, “42.3g (41mm stainless steel)”, “51.5g (45mm stainless steel)”]
“Battery”: {
“Battery Capacity”: “Up to 18 hours battery life”,
“StandBy”: “Up to 18 hours”,
“Charging time”: “Up to 80% in 45 minutes”,
“Charging Technology”: “Fast charging capable”
“Storage”: {
“Storage (GB)”: “64GB”,
“RAM”: “Not specified”
“Connectivity”: {
“SIM Slot”: “Yes (cellular models)”,
“Wi-Fi”: “Yes (Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n))”,
“NFC”: “Yes”,
“Bluetooth”: “Yes (Bluetooth 5.3)”,
“GPS”: “Yes (L1 GPS, GNSS, Galileo, and BeiDou)”
“Notifications and Alerts”: {
“Phone calls”: “Yes”,
“Text messages”: “Yes”,
“App notifications”: “Yes”,
“Customizable notification settings”: “Yes”
“Fitness Tracking”: {
“Step counting”: “Yes”,
“Heart rate monitoring”: “Yes”,
“Sleep tracking”: “Yes”,
“Workout tracking”: “Yes”
“Music and Media”: {
“Built-in music player”: “Yes”,
“Support for music streaming services”: “Yes”,
“Media controls”: “Yes”,
“Photo and video playback”: “Yes”
“Sensors”: {
“Accelerometer”: “Yes”,
“Heart rate monitor”: “Yes”,
“Gyroscope”: “Yes”,
“Ambient light sensor”: “Yes”,
“Barometer”: “Yes”,
“Compass”: “Yes”,
“ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor”: “Yes”
“Other features”: {
“LTE connectivity”: “Yes (cellular models)”,
“Emergency SOS features”: “Yes”,
“Fall detection”: “Yes”,
“Altimeter sensor”: “Yes”,
“Text-to-voice capabilities”: “Yes”,
“Wireless charging”: “Yes”,
“Multiple language support”: “Yes”,
“Alarm clock”: “Yes”,
“Goal setting”: “Yes”,
“Reminders”: “Yes”,
“Stopwatch”: “Yes”,
“Dust resistance”: “Yes (IP6X)”,
“Water resistant”: “Yes (50m, swim-proof)”


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