Pebble 2


Key features:

  • E-paper display
  • Water-resistant
  • Heart rate monitor
  • No voice control
  • Bluetooth support
  • Sturdy design
  • Interchangeable bands

Pebble 2 price in Pakistan
Pebble 2 price in Pakistan is Rs.20,000. This price could be fluctuated depending on the area of your purchase and price could be lower if buying the product without the warranty.

  • Retail Price of Pebble 2 price in Pakistan is Rs.20,000.
  • Retail Price of Pebble 2 in USD is $162.40.
Pebble 2-0.jpgPebble 2-0.jpg

Pebble: A better smartwatch.

The original Pebble was the darling of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and helped launch a new market for smart watches. Although most modern smartwatches are known for their color touch screens and awful battery life, Pebble uses a low-power electronic monochrome liquid crystal display, which means it can be used for several days after a single charge.

For the subsequent Pebble 2, in addition to adding a heart rate monitor, the company did not deviate from the 2012 plan. It is designed for people who need smart, smart watches with some exercise functions. Think of it as a fitness tracker with the basic capabilities of a smartwatch.

Pebble 2-2.jpgPebble 2-2.jpg

All-New Pebble design.

The original Pebble was a minimalist public event, which is somewhat understandable, given its low cost compared to the more beautiful competitors. Design tendencies elsewhere, as a rule, were smart watches disguised as traditional watches, and Pebble watches are still an unmistakable technical design.

For Pebble 2, the changes are small. The same monochrome electronic paper display does not consume much battery life, and the same control system with four buttons replaces the touchscreen. If you previously used a Pebble watch, its very well known until you need a button for a little rest. From the box, press the side button and lightly press it.

Pebble 2-4.jpgPebble 2-4.jpg

A better time viewer & tracker.

The display has been improved because now it is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass, which should add an additional layer of protection. However, the original Pebble did not weaken. The screen with a resolution of 144 x 168 is surrounded by a thick and magnificent frame, which means that the actual screen itself is tiny relative to the size of the clock. This is not good for industrial design.

The backlight can also be used in low light conditions. There are new colors to choose from, low to more eccentric. There are standard black and white models, charcoal and red, charcoal and lime, and finally white and white.

Pebble 2-3.jpgPebble 2-3.jpg

Core is built to fit you.

The Pebble operating system provides powerful functions for clock functions and has been improved in subsequent watchdogs, such as Pebble Time. So many improvements have been made to Pebble 2.

For example, the function of the timeline allows you to view the situation of the day in chronological order, retrieve information from the calendar and warnings from the application; think about weather updates or sports points. Its simple, but it works well, giving you a quick overview of your day and related information. For example, in the past, he will bring points for last nights baseball game, and entry into the future will tell you that the weather forecast will be the same as the next day.

Pebble 2-1.jpgPebble 2-1.jpg

Battery that wont leave you behind

Battery life Pebble 2 lasted from five to six days after a single charge, so it is consistent with the previous shingle. The Pebble Health platform captures more complete biometrics by having an advantage over Apple and other smartwatches that offer sleep tracking without requiring battery support.

Thanks to the latest updates to Pebble software and the companys recent focus on health and fitness, the interface is again felt. A quick view of your health (stages, sleep time and current heart rate) is displayed by using the top button. The center button launches the application menu, and the bottom button displays the current and upcoming events. Each button can also be displayed as a quick launch button for any application that you like. Just tap and hold them to call up the appropriate label.


JSON data is incorrect, “Operating System”: “Pebble OS” }, “Display”: { “Screen size”: “1.26 inches”, “Resolution”: “144 x 168 pixels”, “Type”: “E-paper LCD”, “Always-on display”: “Yes”, “Customizable watch faces”: “Yes” }, “Design”: { “Dial Shape”: “Square”, “Build Material”: “Polycarbonate”, “Strap Material”: “Silicone”, “Color options”: “Various”, “Weight”: “Approximately 31.7 grams” }, “Battery”: { “StandBy”: “Up to 7 days”, “Charging time”: “Approximately 2 hours”, “Charging Technology”: “Proprietary magnetic connector” }, “Storage”: { “Built-in storage”: “4 GB”, “RAM”: “128 MB” }, “Connectivity”: { “Bluetooth”: “Yes, Bluetooth 4.0”, “GPS”: “Yes, built-in GPS”, “USB”: “Proprietary charging cable” }, “Notifications and Alerts”: { “Phone calls”: “Yes”, “Text messages”: “Yes”, “App notifications”: “Yes”, “Customizable notification settings”: “Yes” }, “Fitness Tracking”: { “Step counting”: “Yes”, “Heart rate monitoring”: “Yes”, “Sleep tracking”: “Yes”, “Workout tracking”: “Yes” }, “Sensors”: { “Accelerometer”: “Yes”, “Heart rate monitor”: “Yes” }, “Other features”: { “Multiple language support”: “Yes”, “Alarm clock”: “Yes”, “Goal setting”: “Yes”, “Reminders”: “Yes”, “Stopwatch”: “Yes”, “Water resistant”: “Yes (IP67)” } }’]


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