DJI Mavic Pro Platinum


Key features:

  • Folding design
  • Maximum flight time 30 min
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Maximum flight speed 18 m/s
  • Control: WiFi, radio channel
  • Navigation system: GLONASS, GPS

1- intro1- intro


DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is an upgraded variation of the quadrocopter. The model characterized by improved technical and operational data is more convenient to use and opens up previously inaccessible opportunities. At the same time, the compactness of the drone and its ergonomics remained the same and did not cause the least complaints. A device with such a set of decisive parameters and characteristics cannot ignore. The new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is very compact in size, has a folding design, and equipped with a decent camera. It can put in a backpack, and it does not take up much space on the road.

2- motor2- motor


High-quality brushless motors are unlikely to be the cause of at least some problems for the entire life of the Mavic. Speed limits removed in S mode.

3- design3- design


The model has a very miniature size. In the folded position, the size is only 83x83x198mm. The diagonal, when bringing the device into working condition, reach 335mm. The total weight is 743 g (including the battery pack and propellers). The base of the case is represented by a hardened polymer, which can withstand even significant external influences and loads. The quadcopter has an ergonomic design. This contributes to a quick set of speeds and greatly simplifies handling during the flight. The folding of rays passes along the body of the drone. It can easily pack in an ordinary bag or a specially designed backpack for comfortable carrying and transportation.

Folding design used, the transportation of the copter will not cause any significant problems. When folded, the drone fits perfectly, even in small backpacks and bags. A transparent cap protects the camera lens. In general, if you fix the gimbal, remove the screws, and put on a protective cap, the quadrocopter can transport in an ordinary backpack. There is no classic chassis here, and small racks located on the beams under the engines. The use of the new 8331 screws significantly reduced the noise level. The copter did not become entirely silent, but it flies noticeably quieter in comparison with the usual Mavic Pro.

4- flight4- flight

Flight Control System

The flight autonomy intelligent control module is responsible for the operation of the device. It includes ultrasonic sensors, cameras with integration into the GPS and GLONASS system, additional modules, and several microprocessors. This ensures excellent orientation and eliminates the possibility of force majeure and emergencies. The technology of emergency return to the starting place has implemented. For this, two cameras are involved, which take a series of pictures when taking off and flying the device. When comparing them on the way back, the place for landing is determined. A copter can see a picture around itself in three-dimensional space. The function works not only in user modes but also when returning home in auto mode—the exclusive remote control designed for control. You can use a smartphone (tablet) to control the copter. It will require the installation of specialized software that is available for a free and hassle-free download.

5- software5- software

Software & Function

DJI periodically releases updates, and we recommend installing them. From time to time, essential updates come out, without which installation it will not work. As for mobile devices, to work with the copter, you need to install the DJI Go 4 application on them.

The copter can function offline for half an hour. It has high power, which allows you to fly at a wind speed of 38km/h. The presence of a sports regimen deserves special attention. The rate in it reaches a mark of 65km/h. It is an excellent option for shooting subjects at high speed. The quality of control and maneuverability at the same time remains at a consistently high level and does not deliver the owner the least discomfort.

6- camera6- camera


Modification Platinum equipped with a high-precision module for taking photos and videos. The camera is equipped with a 3-axis stabilizer and is suitable for shooting video in up to 4K format. The shooting speed can reach 30frames/sec. Available and shutter rates of 2 seconds. When developing the camera, leading industry solutions and technologies were actively introduced, which allowed increasing not only its performance but also its functionality significantly. Broadcast video in FullHD-format is available at a distance of 7km. Taking pictures will enable you to get frames with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The matrix can rotate up to 90 degrees. Shooting is possible in a horizontal and vertical format. Using RAW allows you to simplify the subsequent processing of photos as much as possible and opens up quite wide and varied possibilities for the user.

7- modes7- modes


Activating the tripod mode reduces the speed of the drone to almost 4km/h. Joysticks become less sensitive to control. And this makes it possible to build the composition of the frame with perfect accuracy and clarity—an excellent solution for flying in tight spaces. Using the gesture mode, you can refuse to use the remote control or smartphone. A simple hand movement and the quadrocopter will follow the user’s instructions exactly. TapFly will be a real find for novice pilots. You need to specify a point on the screen of the remote control, and the copter will go on the specified route without outside help. All changes will immediately take into account. Automation will take care of the safety of the drone and return it to its owner in complete protection.

8- battery8- battery


3830mAh batteries last for 30 minutes of flight. It is better to focus on 23-25 minutes, leaving a small margin for unforeseen situations. An intelligent charge level monitoring system used, so the pilot always has an accurate idea of the state of the battery. The Combo Platinum version equipped with three batteries, and the total flight time reaches one and a half hours. Charging carried out using a docking station containing 4 cells at once.


Specifications of DJI Mavic Pro Platinum


White, Black, Grey




Overall Dimensions:
83 x 83 mm x 198 mm

743 g



Remote Controller:
Remote Controller, Smartphone

Number of Rotors/Arms:

2 Pairs DJI Genuine 8331



Max Flight Time:
30 minutes

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
40 mph

Auto Follow:


1280 x 720 (720p), 1920 x 1080 (1080p), 2720 x 1530, 3840 x 2160 (2160p), 4096 x 2160

Effective Pixels:


LiPo 3S

3830 mAh

11.4 V

Charging Time:


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