DJI Phantom 4 Advanced


Key features:

  • Intelligent Flight Modes
  • Mechanical shutter and fixed focal length lens
  • Duplication of sensors for increased reliability
  • Optimized 4K shooting and video processing system
  • TapFly function for the automatic flight with bending obstacles
  • Updated DJI GO app allows you to control all the main functions
  • Mode for shooting “selfie” using gestures without using the remote control
  • FlightAutonomy flight automation platform with optional stereo vision sensors

1- intro1- intro


DJI introduced an updated version of the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced. The drone received the Advanced prefix in the name and improved technical characteristics. The main innovation was an enlarged 1-inch sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels, which supports shooting video in 4K at 60 frames per second (H.264) or 30 frames per second.

2- design2- design


At first glance, the look of Advanced seems familiar and familiar. Smooth lines provide maximum aerodynamic performance, which is entirely consistent with the declared manufacturer. The case itself made of an alloy of magnesium and titanium – this is lightness, wear resistance, and hence a longer service life. DJI Phantom 4 Advanced is compatible with modern DJI accessories that will help make shooting even better quality comfortable and convenient. Among them are UV, ND4/8/16 filters, a backpack for safely carrying the drone and its special stages, a hub for three batteries, which can significantly save charging time.

3- camera3- camera


The principal value of Advanced is the camera. Its inch matrix guarantees a resolution of 20MP. The small device contained eight lenses in 7 groups and an automatic shutter. All this allows you to take ultra-clear photos in burst mode with maximum detail. In this case, there is no sliding effect even in conditions of high-speed flight of the drone. The highest bitrate is 100 Mb/s when using the H.264 codec, which allows you to shoot 4K video at a speed of 60 frames/sec. If you reduce fps to 30 frames/sec, you can switch to the H.265 codec.

The increased size of the matrix allows you to reduce the amount of noise, improve shooting at dusk or in poor lighting, increase the dynamic range. A more substantial amount of information covered significantly enhances the quality of video material. The enlarged pixels of the sensor are more photosensitive, which improves detail and saturation, providing operators with ample opportunities for future processing. A wide-angle 24mm lens ensures less distortion, making content quality even higher. An important feature Рthe drone’s camera equipped with two shutters: electronic and mechanical.

4- remote4- remote

Remote Control

The distance at which clarity and high-quality signal transmission guaranteed is 7km with a battery that can run up to 5 hours without interruption. A 5.5-inch screen with Full HD resolution provides sound picture transmission at a brightness of about 1000 cd/m2, which is several times higher than most smartphones and tablets of the latest generations. The integrated DJI GO 4 application will be convenient for the user, and the operator can shoot online broadcasts, post material on his channel or social page networks. It allows you to control the drone from your smartphone, adjust the settings of the camera directly during the flight.

5- software5- software

Software & Intelligent Flight Modes

The manufacturer offers the user to operate the drone in conjunction with a particular application DJI GO 4. The program allows you to use many intelligent flight modes, configure the camera, save all data about departures, activate the warning system, which will report any changes in the behavior of the quadrocopter.

Draw – Point flight technology. It is enough for the operator to draw a line on the screen on the control panel from point A to point B, and the drone will fly along the indicated path itself. In this mode, two flights are available: Forward – the drone hovers at a constant speed, the camera directed forward; Free – the drone moves after receiving an additional command; the camera can rotate.

ActiveTrack – A mode that designed to follow the object. Advanced can fly from the side, front, around the object, in a free trajectory, but provided that the purpose is continuously in range.

TapFly – Flying in a given direction with overcoming obstacles on the way. The mode allows you to direct the drone along with the desired path, while the ability to rotate the drone or control its camera fully preserved.

Return to Home – Advanced Home Return Mode. Phantom will independently lay the safest and fastest route and optimally return to the operator, after analyzing the landing surface.

Gesture mode – The main feature is the ability to control the drone using gestures. Activating this mode allows you to take selfies from a flying quadrocopter. The operator can remove the remote control to the side after turning on Gesture Mode and raise his hands – the camera will aim at the object. If you put your hands forward, the intelligent drone system will perceive the gesture as activation of the camera – the photo will be ready in 3 seconds.

6- battery6- battery


The capacity of the Advanced battery increased, and now it can spend about 30 minutes in flight, recording video, and taking high-quality photos. Using DJI GO 4, you will monitor the battery charge during operation. When its level reaches a critical, the drone will notify the operator with a sound signal.


Specifications of DJI Phantom 4 Advanced






Overall Dimensions:
16.8 x 13.4 x 9.6




Remote Controller:
Remote Control

Number of Rotors/Arms:




Max Flight Time:

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
45 mph

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:



5870 mAh

15.2 V

Charging Time:


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