DJI Ryzo Tello Drone


Key features:

  • Intel 14-core processor
  • DJI Flight Control System
  • Positioning (2 × ultrasonic + 1 × optical sensors)
  • Obstacle avoidance system (optional)
  • Auto take-off and landing
  • Altitude Hold
  • Take off and landing with hands.
  • 5 × programmed flight modes
  • Recording short videos (for Circle, 360 and Up & Away flight modes)
  • Flip execution in 8 directions
  • Protection in case of loss of connection (carries out auto-landing)
  • Max. flight time 13 min
  • FPV removal distance 100 meters
  • 2 × antennas for more stable video streaming
  • FPV broadcast in HD quality
  • Shooting video in 720p quality
  • 5MP photo shooting
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Control via a smartphone or tablet via a mobile application, or in tandem with optional GameSir T1d Controller control equipment
  • Adapted for pairing with VR-headset and gamepad ami Gamesir and Apple MFi Bluetooth
  • Supports visual (Block) programming on Scratch
  • For advanced users, supports the further enhancement of Tello via SDK.
  • Weight 87 grams



The compact and pleasant DJI Ryzo Tello selfie drone (also called Ryze Tech Tello) can please both beginners and amateur pilots. Its management is intuitive and straightforward, it is not required to have special skills. In addition, the copter characterized by the stability of video transmission, the quality of which is guaranteed by two installed antennas. Due to its small size, the drone fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the battery capacity is enough for 13 minutes of battery life.

2- design2- design

Design & Appearance

DJI Ryzo Tello Drone is very small and light; it feels that it made of quality materials and not of cheap plastic. Tello looks very stylish and modern. The quadrocopter has no built-in memory and memory card slots, so all data is saved on a smartphone/tablet. Externally, DJI Ryze Tello looks very compact and lightweight, but at the same time, the quadrocopter characterized by proper assembly and a reasonably stable and durable plastic case. The top of the matter is white and glossy, and it is fixed on latches and removed if necessary.

To lessen the total weight of the drone, the manufacturing company provided small holes around the entire perimeter of the hull. The blades are not the same size, and they are installed in pairs crosswise. When viewing the front of the device, we see the peephole of the built-in camera. We will consider the operating parameters of the camera in the next section. To the right of it is an LED indicator. On one side is the DJI Ryze Tello power button, and on the other, there is a micro-USB connector for connecting the charger. At the back of the copter is the battery compartment.

3- camera3- camera


Onboard the DJI Ryzo Tello Drone, there is a 5-megapixel camera with a viewing angle of 82.6°. Video recording made in the resolution of 1280×720 pixels. There is no optical stabilization, but stabilization is provided due to the compensation of megapixels when recording 720p video. Images obtained in pretty good quality with detail and natural color reproduction. The quality of the shooting is also not inferior to the more expensive quadrocopters. But it is important to remember that the model intended for an amateur shot.

4- motor4- motor


In the DJI Ryze Tello quadrocopter, collector motors used. As we already know, this type of engine is considered less reliable in comparison with the brushless type, but this allows you to reduce the cost of the model significantly.

5- software5- software

Software & Flight Modes

The DJI Ryzo Tello Drone has just one button to turn it on. The rest of the drone control carried out through the Tello mobile application on a smartphone/tablet (iOS 9.0 and higher, Android 4.3, and higher). You can download the application in PlayMarket. Communication with a mobile device is via Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. In addition, it provides the ability to control the quadrocopter from a PC, as well as to pair with Gamer and Apple MFi Bluetooth gamepads.

DJI Ryze is ‘trained’ in six different flight modes, the appropriateness of which causes me some doubts:

1.) The ball – The device obediently takes off up and down to a distance of 1 meter.

2.) ‘Plane’ – You hold the device in your hand, toss it, and it takes off. It is worth clarifying that it will take off only if this mode turned on. In another mode, it will ‘fly’ to your feet.

3.) Flip – Swipe your phone screen, and DJI will do a backflip.

4.) ‘Balloon’ – The drone will fly back and forth.

5.) ‘Flying around its axis.’ – Tello will shoot by rotating 360°.

6.) ‘Movement in a circle.’ – The drone shoots video, moving in a small orbit.

6- flight6- flight

Flight Controller & Functionality

The lower camera is responsible for moving the drone from the DJI in space. It scans the surface under the drone: if it detects a deviation from the place, then the propeller engines are turned on, and the drone returns to its previous position. The camera works extremely severely if there is a shiny surface under the drone (water, snow). The quadrocopter provides standard functions for automatic take-off and landing, online broadcast of video on a mobile device, and training materials are also available. DJI Ryze Tello offers users the following operating modes:

1.) Throw & Go (‘airplane’) – this mode allows you to throw a drone, after which it automatically takes off and freezes in the air.

2.) Flips (8D-tricks) – the drone carries out flips in eight directions.

3.) Up & Away – video recording when flying up and back.

4.) 360° – panoramic video shooting when the quadrocopter rotates around its axis.

5.) Bounce Mode (‘ball’) – DJI Ryze Tello automatically moves up and down by 0.5-1.2 meters.

6.) Circle (‘circle’) – a short video when the drone rotates around the take-off site.

Any of these modes can configure in the mobile application on the smartphone/tablet.

7- battery7- battery

Battery & Charging

The quadcopter DJI Ryze Tello equipped with a removable lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 1100mAh. The drone can be in the air for up to 13 minutes. In practice, with a stable flight into the calm, the battery lasts 10-12 minutes. When using various flight modes, battery life reduced to 8-10 minutes. When the battery completely discharged, the DJI Ryze Tello drone just gently lands on the ground, after which it will need to charge. A USB cable used for recharging and the use of a portable Power Bank charger is also possible. Charging takes about one hour.


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