Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars MiniDrone


Key features:

  • Camera availability: with camera
  • Maximum flight time 7 min.
  • Maximum flight speed 5 m / s
  • Functions: automatic flips
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope
  • Control: Bluetooth
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • No registration required for flights

1- intro1- intro


This drone will be a godsend for Lego designer lovers. Besides the fact that it has an unusual predatory design, on its body and gondolas you can find several standardized connectors for connecting with parts of a well-known designer. You can make a car or a landing ship out of it, and then make it fly around the room by controlling it through a smartphone. The quadrocopter is also equipped with a small FPV camera with the function of broadcasting online. Flying in the first person will give the feeling of a video game. The Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars MiniDrone has enough power to easily lift extra weight. A game with a designer has never been so exciting. Even in the name itself, the word Cargo is indicated, which means “cargo”.

2- appearance2- appearance

Appearance & Features

The main material for Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars MiniDrone durable ABS plastic. The black frame in its design resembles a pipe farm, in the nodes of which collector motors are located. They have fast bumper fasteners. Such plastic protection is recommended to be used when starting indoors to avoid contact of the propellers with other objects. In the back of the case you will find a slide for installing the battery. We noticed that he pulled out tight, and it is better to keep a flat screwdriver on hand. The fuselage consists of several mounted parts and can be easily removed. The body color is available in one of two versions: Travis – yellow, Mars – white. Out of the box, the model looks like a predatory creature with luminous eyes.

Launch Airborne Cargobetter indoors or outdoors in calm weather. The maximum flight speed is 5m/s, the radius of the signal is 20 meters. Such a small distance is due to the lack of an RC transmitter with a familiar antenna. Instead, a smartphone or tablet paired via Bluetooth LE appears (LE is a low-power version). The official mobile application for iOS and Android is called FreeFlight 3. The camera’s image, auxiliary information (battery, speed, tilt), control sticks and buttons with programmed functions (automatic take-off and landing, 360-degree flips, emergency stop, Headless mode, etc.) displayed on the main screen. A hand-held launch looks very unusual: you throw a quadrocopter in the palm of your hand, after which he himself turns on the engines and gains height. Remember that after a long wait, the drone goes into sleep mode and you need to wake it up by pressing the Start button. The pilot has three touch-sensitive flight modes: Joypad, Normal and Ace. One of them let you to set the direction of flight by tilting the smartphone.

3- camera3- camera


The camera does not have impressive quality, the resolution is only 0.3 megapixels. Shooting is only in photo mode and with automatic settings. Video is not available, only broadcast to the screen without a recording function. Pictures of 640×480 pixels are stored in the smartphone’s memory, and not on the memory card, as we are used to on other devices. Convenient in terms of efficiency: you do not need to connect the drone to a PC. The location of the lens seemed strange and uncomfortable.

4- control4- control


Drone in flight keeps very confident. The stabilization system uses a high-precision six-axis gyroscope, which reads any deviations from a given program, after which the controller adjusts the operation of the engines, returning the drone to its place. The Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars MiniDrone is also equipped with a barometer and an ultrasonic surface sensor. They are needed for automatic take-off/landing and freezing gained climb. Now there is no need to constantly keep the accelerator in one position. If you hit a wall, an emergency engine shutdown command will be issued.

5- battery5- battery


On average, the battery lasts for 5-9 minutes of flight, and a full charge takes 90 minutes. If instead of a laptop (PC) to use powerful power supplies with a current strength of more than 2 A, then the charging time will be reduced by 2-3 times. On the back of the case there is a small indicator that tells you about the end of the process. There are additional batteries and adapters on sale, they will extend the pleasure of the flight.


Specifications of Parrot Airborne Cargo Mars MiniDrone






Overall Dimensions:
7.3 x 7.1 x 1.6 inches

54 g



Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:


1 GB


Max Flight Time:

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
11.18 MPH

Auto Follow:


0.3 megapixels

Effective Pixels:



550 mAh


Charging Time:
25 min


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