Parrot Anafi 4K HDR Camera Drone


Key features:

  • 4K HDR videos at 100Mbps,
  • 4K Cinema Resolution, professional-quality videos in 17: 9,
  • The most technically advanced flying camera:
  • 21MP 1 / 2.4 “Sony® CMOS Sensor
  • ASPH wide-angle lens f / 2.4
  • 35mm equivalent focal length: 26mm
  • Compatible with Adobe DNG / RAW
  • The camera can be rotated vertically from -90° to + 90°.

1- intro1- intro


Quadrocopter Parrot Anafi is a compact model with a modern design and folding design, which is equipped with a new advanced camera that can produce 21 megapixel photos and 4K-video in HDR format. The 3-axis stabilization and a 2.8-fold increase without loss of image quality, as well as the ability to rotate from -90° to + 90°, the shooting quality is simply excellent. Parrot Anafi 4K HDR Camera Drone claims to be the main supplier of commercial drones.

2- appearance2- appearance


The case is made in the style of an insect, which gives it an extraordinary and modern appearance. To stabilize the image, a 3-axis gimbal with a rotation function in the range of 180 degrees vertically was used. The dimensions of the Parrot Anafi 4K HDR Camera Drone are 175x240x65 millimeters (weight of only 320 grams), it can acquire even smaller dimensions: 244x67x65 millimeters. Therefore, it can be carried not only in the shipping case along with the rest of the components, but also fit in any other bag or even trouser pocket.

3- camera3- camera


Onboard the Parrot Anafi quadrocopter, a 4K camera with 2.8x zoom is installed, which is capable of shooting at a resolution of 4096 × 2160 at 24 frames per second, 3840 × 2160 and up to 30 frames per second, or 1920×1080 to 60 frames per second. Photo can be shot up to 21 megapixels (5344×4016) in JPEG or RAW formats.

4- flight4- flight

Flight Controller

As soon as you turn on the controller and connect it to your smartphone, you can start flying. The controls are nice and responsive. And after the last firmware update, Parrot seems to have fixed the delay control problem. The movement of the joystick is almost instantly converted to the corresponding movement of the drone, so that the flight becomes much more predictable. You can fly on Anafi with confidence. In terms of autonomy, Anafi works great in most cases. The automated shooting modes give stable and reliable results.

The control equipment of Parrot Anafi 4K HDR Camera Drone looks quite massive compared to the quadrocopter itself. The weight of the flight controller is 380 grams, which exceeds the weight of the drone. And when installed on a smartphone holder, its weight will become even more noticeable, but this is not critical. The controller is paired with any smartphone based on Android or iOS, but there is a slight correction: its diagonal should not exceed six inches. The left and right sticks of the remote control are designed to move the drone along the Y/Z axis and the X-axis. Two triggers control the vertical orientation of the camera and zoom. To select the photo and video mode, as well as their settings, you need to download the free FreFlight 6 mobile application.

5- software5- software


To use Parrot Anafi 4K HDR Camera Drone with a smartphone, you need to download the special FreeFlight 6 application from Parrot. The program works on both Android and iOS. With the application, with one touch of your finger, you can control the drone, watch the filmed material and give Anafi commands. You can upload videos to YouTube or to social networks.

6- battery6- battery

Battery & Charging

Parrot Anafi is equipped with a “smart” lithium-polymer battery (2S 7.6V 2700mAh), which allows the quadrocopter to be in flight mode for up to 25 minutes. Battery recharge time will depend on the energy source:

1.) when charging from USB – 105 minutes

2.) Using a network adapter – from 150 to 210 minutes

3.) powered by a computer USB port or external battery – up to 270 minutes.

7- motor7- motor


The drone from Parrot has 4 brushless motors, which means they are very durable. Anafi engines work not very noisy. It feels like the screws are very powerful. This is established by the fact that the copter has a speed of up to 50 km/h, and even in windy weather the image does not skip.


Specifications of Parrot Anafi 4K HDR Camera Drone






Overall Dimensions:




Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:

8 Additional propeller blades



Max Flight Time:
25 min

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
50 Kmh

Auto Follow:


3 axis

Effective Pixels:
21 MP





Charging Time:


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