Parrot Disco FPV Drone


Key features:

  • Flight time up to 45 minutes
  • Flight range up to 2 km with the controller parrot sky controller
  • Maximum speed up to 80 km / h
  • Shooting video in 1080p resolution
  • 32 GB proprietary memory
  • 2 Wi-Fi antennas (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • GPS + GLONASS module
  • Ultrasonic sensor

– intro– intro


Aircraft Parrot Disco FPV Drone is able to stay in the air much longer. True, comparing it with quadrocopters is not entirely correct, because it is practically a plane.

2- appearance2- appearance


The camera is located in the bow and when you turn on the VR glasses Parrot allows you to create the effect of presence. Also on the nose is the power button. The wings are removable, but are mounted very easily and quickly. There are no problems with the structural strength. When assembled, the Parrot Disco FPV Drone will not fit in any bag, so the collapsible design is fully justified. By the way, in the off state, both propeller blades automatically fold. The case is made of high-quality plastic and carbon, painted in black and white. There are no complaints about the quality of execution.

3- featres3- featres

Features & Characteristics

Disco drone aircraft is capable of high speed, equipped with a high-quality FPV camera with a gimbal, can take off and land independently. The video signal transmitted to the pilot’s smartphone; you can use the bundled VR mask. And, most importantly, the flight time reaches 45 minutes. Replacing the battery, you get 90 minutes with just one landing. This is a great indicator.

When assembled, the Disco is 115cm wide, but the aircraft is very light for its size. Even a child can lift it without problems. The aircraft is equipped with many sensors, however, there are no obstacles around the system. To launch the aircraft, you need to throw it in the air. A powerful engine will quickly raise the device to a safe height, and during this time you will have time to pick up control equipment and put on VR glasses. An UAV lands without a pilot, gradually descending and dropping to the ground. There must be no stones, water or metal structures at the intended landing site. No landing gear.

4- camera4- camera


Installing a camera in the nose of the drone allows you to actually get a first-person view. The entire body of the aircraft remains behind, and the pilot’s perspective opens up a bird’s eye view of the scenery. The effect of presence is enhanced by using the complete Cockpitglasses mask. The camera is launch on a 3-axis gimbal, so vibration is minimal. The transmitted picture is bright and clear. Image does not split into squares. It can be stated that the FPV function is implemented really well.

5- flight5- flight

Flight Controller

Onboard the aircraft is a dual-core Cortex A9 processor and 32 GB flash memory. The computing power is enough to process data from numerous sensors, broadcast FPV video and follow commands from the remote control. The connection with the drone is established via a Wi-Fi connection. Onboard there are two dual-band antennas (2.4 and 5 GHz). The radius of flight reaches 2km with branded remotes. Video transmission is carried out at a distance of up to 2km.

To control the aircraft, the sky controller 2 remote control is used. You can also use the first version of sky controller, one of the most unusual remotes for amateur UAVs. A smartphone is not an obligatory element, but without it, it will be more difficult. A mobile device is useful for receiving technical information from a drone, and is necessary for FPV video. Skycontroller 2 is supplied. Two joysticks on the remote control provide high precision control.

6- software6- software

Software & Modes

Advanced Parrot models work under Linux. Moreover, SDKs are freely available and can be found on the company’s official website. This means that the pilot can make almost any changes to the settings, create his own firmware and generally do whatever he wants with the software. Parrot Disco FPV Drone regularly releases updates for both drones and remotes. By installing the Freeflight Pro application on the iPhone and Android devices, the user will be able to update the aircraft.

For Disco, you can create your own flight modes (for example, advanced autopilot), because all sources are open. But even without additional programming, the drone supports several useful functions:

1.) Autopilot

2.) Auto take-off and landing

3.) Route plan (created in the application on the iPhone or iPad, or on an Android device)

Control of the aircraft is much simpler than it might seem at first glance. The autopilot function corrects most of the mistakes made by beginners. Sensors and a gyroscope, located onboard, maintain a stable position of the aircraft.

7- battery7- battery


The 2700mAh/25 A 3-cell LiPo battery lasts 45 minutes. Information about the current charge level is constantly transmitted to the display of the mobile device.

8- motor8- motor


Disco drone is equipped with a powerful 1280 kV motor and 5 kV servo drive. Like the rest of the drone, the engine is interchangeable. RF receiver supports SBUS, SUMD, CPPM protocols. This means that other professional-grade equipment can be used to control the engine.


Specifications of Parrot Disco FPV Drone






Overall Dimensions:
1150 mm x 580 mm x 120 mm

390 g



Remote Controller:
Remote control

Number of Rotors/Arms:

1x propeller

32 GB


Max Flight Time:
45 minute

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:
50 mph

Auto Follow:



Effective Pixels:


LiPo Battery

2700 mAh


Charging Time:


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