Xiro Xplorer V HD & 3-Axis Gimbal Drone


Key features:

  • Real-time video transmission
  • Selfie 360 ​​- fly around the subject
  • Route flights on points on the map indicating speed and altitude
  • Fast flight to one point
  • Autopilot allows you to complete a flight mission.
  • Direct control using a mobile device
  • The video resolution is 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames / s.
  • Compatible with devices and FPV display – Android, IOS

1- intro1- intro


The desire to launch the copter into the air arises during the unpacking process. The unusual flat UAV case looks fresh—no wonder the model was awarded the best design. The chopped edges of the hull make the quadrocopter look like a four-beam star—both the case and the screws made in black with small green inserts on the top. Of the bright details, only the diodes of the signal backlight can distinguish. The Xiro Xplorer V HD & 3-Axis Gimbal Drone uses a modular design. The main module with electronics is attached to the four beams, the screws and the gimbal with the camera are separately connected. It’s not so easy to break the case; it is very durable. However, if one of the components still fails, it can be replaced. It is cheaper than buying a new device.

2- appearnce2- appearnce


The flat carbon fiber body of the drone with a bright green finish looks beautiful both on the ground and in the air. We want to indicate the minus of this quadrocopter immediately – this is its folding legs. They are very fragile and unstable, which significantly complicates starting from uneven surfaces and increases the risk of breakdowns, leading, in turn, to additional repair costs.

3- camera3- camera


Depending on the configuration, the Xiro Xplorer quadrocopter can equip with a 14MP FHD camera built on Panasonic’s 1/2.3-inch CMOS matrix. The camera installed in a 3-axis mechanical suspension, which works perfectly with this manufacturer. In windy weather, regardless of whether the drone flies or slows down, the output image always turned out to be of indicative quality. You can activate the camera in two ways, through the application, or by the ‘Record’ button on the camera itself.

4- remote4- remote

Remote Control

As a rule, the frequency used is 2.4 GHz, but in our case, the copter is controlled at 5.8 GHz, while the video signal transmitted via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz). The radius of the flight reaches 800 meters. To enhance the Wi-Fi signal, a Wi-Fi extender connected to the remote control, which allows not to reduce the flight radius even in FPV mode.

The control panel with a built-in lithium-ion battery causes only positive feelings. High-quality plastic, responsive sticks, convenient location of buttons, and switches allow you to control the copter in the air quickly. The functionality of the remote significantly expanded when using a smartphone. The remote control equipped with a unique mount, but mobile devices with a diagonal larger than 5.3 inches do not fit into it. It can consider a minus because many pilots prefer to output a video signal to tablets. Before using the FPV broadcast, you need to install a particular program on your smartphone.

5- modes5- modes

Auto Shooting Modes & Automatic flight modes

The user has 3 modes:

1.) Follow me – provides a classic pursuit of control equipment. To the high-precision electronic filling, the mode works perfectly.

2.) Follow Snap – allows you to transfer the attention of the drone to any object at the request of the user and to shoot with his participation an excellent photo and video material in automatic mode.

3.) Retention rate – (course retention) provides in the flight retention rate of the drone in almost any position. The mode will significantly expand the number of new angles when shooting from the air.

The user has two automatic flight modes available:

1.) Waypoints – through a mobile application allows you to schedule an automatic flight to predefined points (max. Up to 16 points), after which the drone will follow them and take beautiful shots.

2.) Return to Home (RTH) – provides an automatic drone return to take-off when the battery is low, or forced by the pilot when you press a button on the control equipment.

IOC (intelligent orientation control) – an advanced analog of the ‘Headless’ mode, disables the orientation of the drone in space, which allows you to adapt to control the drone quickly.

6- batteryyyyyy6- batteryyyyyy

Battery & Charging

The quadrocopter with the Xiro camera equipped with a 3s 11 1v 5200mah lithium-ion battery. The maximum flight time reaches 25 minutes, while charging lasts 2 hours. When using a camera with FPV, the flight duration reduced to 17-18 minutes so that the spare battery will be entirely superfluous.

7- motor7- motor


Xiro Xplorer V HD & 3-Axis Gimbal Drone equipped with 2212 brushless motors of its design Zero UAV. The developer does not specify information about the performance of motors. The capacity of the power plant is enough to realize a confident and stable flight, even in windy weather.


Specifications of Xiro Xplorer V HD & 3-Axis Gimbal Drone






Overall Dimensions:
400 x 400 x 136.5 mm

995 g



Remote Controller:
Remote Control

Number of Rotors/Arms:

CCW Propeller 4



Max Flight Time:
25 minutes

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:

Auto Follow:


3-axis gimbal

Effective Pixels:
14 MP


Lithium-ion polymer

5200 mAh


Charging Time:


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