BenQ MW826ST


Key features:

  • 3D support
  • USB flash drive output
  • DLP projector for office
  • built-in speakers: 1 x 10 W
  • The image size from 1.52 to 3.05 m
  • VGA, HDMI, S-Video, composite, component, mini-jack



In the new optical system of the projector, BenQ MW826ST has fully protected from dust, not only the optical path but also the color wheel module. It allows the projector to work reliably in the severe conditions of schools in various regions. Unlimited learning opportunities with a short-focus interactive projector. Large image from a short distance. To short-focus technology, presentations shown without distracting shadows. Teachers can work with the audience right in front of them, setting up a projector just 0.49 meters from the screen.


BenQ MW826ST Short-Review

BenQ MW826ST projector for schools and educational institutions project clear and vibrant images of different sizes, depending on the needs and availability of projection screens of different diagonal sizes in the classes, thereby reducing the school budget for the purchase of an additional projector for each audience. BenQ short-throw projector for education maintain high image quality with projections of up to 120 inches.

BenQ MW826ST projector for schools and educational institutions can maintain high image quality for a long time, to the sealed design of the optical system, which protects the projector’s DLP chip from image degradation due to dust. Unlike projectors without DLP technology, BenQ MW826ST projector for schools and educational institutions provide excellent image quality over a long time. After replacing the lamp, the image quality will be as bright and saturated as the new projector.


Image Technology

BenQ MW826ST DLP projector have a high pixel fill ratio, which minimizes each pixel’s visibility individually, eliminating the ‘mosquito net’ effect that can see on projector without DLP technology. BenQ MW826ST projector for schools and educational institutions provide a bright, vibrant image, high readability of the text, and the accurate display of even small details instead of the inter-pixel array.

BenQ MW826ST projector for education are ideal for conducting lessons during which the user needs to read text from the screen, watch tables, graphs, and formulas. BenQ MW826ST projector use advanced DLP technology. The principle of its operation is that the light from the lamp passes through the color wheel, acquiring a specific color reflected from the millions of micromirrors located on the DMD chip and then hits the screen. BenQ MW826ST DLP projector provide excellent image clarity, high readability of text, and bright, realistic colors throughout the entire work period.


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