BenQ PU9730


Key features:

  • 3D supported
  • HDTV Supported
  • Lamp life is 2500 hours
  • Ability to use in 2 lamps
  • Equipped with 6 segment colors
  • The image resolution is 1920X1200



Now the installation of the BenQ PU9730 projector has become even simpler and more convenient with the interchangeable lenses – 7 lenses with different focal lengths are suitable for any task. Carefully calibrated lenses give your image unrivaled clarity and brightness. To the ability to rotate the projector 360 °, the user can project the image in any direction and anywhere: floors, walls, ceilings in places such as shops, galleries, theatres. The BenQ PU9730 projector also equipped with two lights, so the user does not have to interrupt your presentation if one lamp burns out because the second lamp will continue to work. The BenQ PU9730 projector has high brightness, providing optimum image quality.


HD Connect

HD Connect is the transfer of video, audio, as well as control signals from several sources via a single Ethernet cable, including PCs, laptops, document cameras, Blu-ray, DVD, and game consoles up to 100 meters away. It is very convenient, especially when the projector is hanging from the ceiling – the user does not need to pull extra wires to it.


Storing Lens Settings

Ten adjustable parameters, such as focus, zoom, and image size, remain in the projector’s memory. Now the user does not have to adjust the image each time the user turns it on, and it will be enough to click a button and select previously saved settings. The central location of the lens makes installation easy. Also, in cases where the user has applied the vertical/horizontal lens shift function, there is a hotkey with which the user can quickly return to the projector’s factory settings. Motorized large zoom with a wide zoom range, focus, vertical/horizontal lens shift provides maximum freedom when installing the BenQ PU9730 projector and replacing the lens. No rearrangements or additional installation work is required.


Image Technology

The secret to the colorful image is inside the projector. The BenQ PU9730 projector equipped with a 6-segment color wheel equipped with BrilliantColor technology, which makes colors much brighter, increasing the mid-tones level. Complete with a projector, the user can find a new high-speed 6-segment color wheel, which creates an optimal balance of brightness and color saturation. BenQ projectors’ optical system consists of carefully calibrated lenses to give the image unrivaled clarity and intensity of the picture.


Filters For Extra Protection

Two filters provide additional protection to the DLP system, providing maximum performance, even when the BenQ PU9730 projector installed in dusty rooms. Corrugated, high-performance filters located in front of the projector. Therefore, replacing or cleaning the filters will not cause any difficulties and problems, even if the projector is hanging from the ceiling.


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