BenQ W11000


Key features:

  • 3D support
  • VGA, HDMI inputs
  • Noise level is 26 dB
  • Luminous flux 2200 lm
  • DLP projector for home theater
  • Projector Resolution: 3840×2160



It has been several years since the 4K ultra-high-definition standard burst into our lives. However, at the moment, it cannot be said that it has become widespread. Its progress is uneven, which is one of the main reasons preventing the widespread adoption of the format. Still lagging content producers. The BenQ introduced a 4K BenQ W11000 projector based on DLP technology: the BenQ W11000. And today he is visiting us. Firstly, despite the declared resolution of the image 3840×2160, the image is formed by a new chip with a resolution of 2716×1528 and an optical XRP actuator, which shifts the light flux by half a pixel. Secondly, this is a high luminous flux of 2200 ANSI-lumens, which reduces the requirements for the room’s shading for viewing.


Color Reproduction & Rec.709

THX certification ensures that this model is capable of demonstrating a genuinely cinematic image quality. It means that the color temperature, gamma curve, and color reproduction will be perfectly tuned, allowing the user to reproduce the picture exactly as the director intended it. Imagine passing the THX certification. It took 18 months of development, and more than 200 laboratory tests were conducted, during which more than 500 parameters measured. The BenQ W11000 projector now fully complies with the high requirements of the Rec.709 standard in terms of color rendering, color temperature, uniformity of illumination, and contrast.



The projector lens consists of 14 elements, some of which made of low-dispersion glass combined in 6 groups. Optics allows the user to scale the image, making the installation of the model in any room effortless. The machine equipped with autofocus. Also, the BenQ W11000 projector supports installing an additional anamorphic lens for accurate reproduction of an ultra-wide 2.35: 1 format.

It is also worth noting the unique optical system with BenQ TIR total internal reflection technology, which uses many prisms that scatter the light reflected from the micromirror chip so that the brightness across the screen remains uniform. Besides, to prevent spurious light leakage from the light tunnel, the BenQ W11000 projector light path has a special dense black coating that enhances contrast.


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