Canon XEED 4K501ST


Key features:

  • Native 3000: 1 contrast ratio produces lifelike images
  • 4K wide-angle zoom lens with 5000 lumens brightness
  • Compact and lightweight true 4K (4096 x 2400) desktop projector
  • Four-point keystone correction and border blending for high clarity
  • DVI and HDMI 2.0 inputs provide compatibility when viewing content
  • AISYS optical system and 3 4K LCOS panels for smooth, clear images



The currently smallest native 4K installation projector (4,096 x 2,400 pixels) offers next-generation image quality with maximum flexibility – with a low weight of only approx. 18 kg. With its 5,000 lumens,4K-LCOS-Panels, and Canon 4K-Lens, it delivers impressive results.


Image Technology

The compact Canon XEED 4K501ST projector supports native 4K resolution (4096 x 2400) and is the smallest stationary projector. 4K resolution delivers stunning clarity and detail, smoother graphic transitions, and lifelike realism from a computer or other video sources.The Canon XEED 4K501ST projector equipped with a unique 4K dual image processing technology for smooth playback of uncompressed 4K movies at 60 fps. The image can be enhanced with the Motion Blur Reduction feature, which adds a black frame between each frame to maintain sharpness around the image’s edges, even when playing back motion video. With a latency of 16.6ms (1 frame latency at 60Hz), this projector is one of the fastest projectors on the market, meeting the growing need for a near-instantaneous response.


Installation & KeyStone

The AISYS optical system and 3 4K LCOS reflective panels on the 4K500ST are incredibly compact and set a new industry level for performance. AISYS technology improves color reproduction, raises brightness levels, and improves contrast. Two image processing systems ensure smooth and high-quality images that faithfully match the original. The compact size of the projector greatly simplifies installation even in confined spaces.

The Canon XEED 4K501ST projector designed to achieve the best results in virtually any type of installation. The +/- 60% motorized lens makes it much easier to adjust the image position without changing the projector position and tilt angle. 4-point keystone correction ensures the geometric accuracy of images. High Definition Edge Blending technology combines images from multiple 4K501ST projectors and makes pixel-level adjustments. The five-point adjustment adjusts RGB pixels in 0.1-pixel increments for more explicit photos when projecting onto curved or domed screens. Advanced functions in the professional menu also include multiple input modes, DVI optimizer, input signal information.



The Canon XEED 4K501ST projector features a new 1.3x 4K zoom lens that builds on Canon’s decades of experience and tradition in optics. Combined with 5,000 lumens brightness and a constant F2.6 aperture, the Canon XEED 4K501ST delivers consistently high brightness performance across the entire zoom range. Maximum native contrast ratio of 3000: 1 provides incredible performance, accurate colors, and even richer blacks for a stunning viewing experience.



With four DVI-D ports and two HDMI 2.0 inputs, the Canon XEED 4K501ST can easily connect to various 4K sources, including PC viewing and digital video. Using HDMI 2.0 means you can project 4K content with a single HDMI cable. When playing back 4K video, motion smoothing is low, and when used in simulation systems, near-instantaneous response rates can fully appreciate with a latency of just 16.6ms. Curved projection technology controls primary focus and peripheral focus for accurate image reproduction even on dome surfaces.


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