Canon XEED 4K500ST


Key features:

  • LCoS Office Projector
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 5 W
  • Projector resolution: 4096×2400
  • The image output from USB sticks
  • Inputs DVI, HDMI, audio mini-jack
  • The image size from 1.02 to 15.24 m



The Canon XEED 4K500ST offers excellent resolution and image quality. With high-resolution LCOS-Panels with 4,096 x 2,400 pixels, each can project content precisely, whose resolution 4K Digital Cinema outperforms. With Canon’s unique and improved optical system AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System), the projector has an increased contrast ratio. It delivers deep, pure colors and faithful reproduction of black areas, resulting in an improved image experience. In addition, the Canon XEED 4K500ST can reproduce excellent, detailed images with astonishing sharpness – perfect for technical applications in which Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D-Modelling require a high level of detail.



According to Canon market research, with its compact design and a weight of only 17.6 kg, including the lens, the Canon XEED 4K500ST is currently the world’s smallest and lightest 4K projector. Its compact format fits inconspicuously into a variety of installation environments and thus enables 4K projections to implemented outside of the cinema area. With a delay of only 16.6 milliseconds, the Canon XEED 4K500ST currently offers the fastest response time of all4KProjectors on the market, making them ideal for simulation environments. It also has a new state-of-the-art design that allows easy access to the lamp and filter even with the projector installed. It makes maintenance quick and easy.


More Than 4K

Superb resolution of 4096 x 2400 (9,830,400 pixels), above DCI, with the smallest 0.76 ‘LCOS panel in its class, delivering 4K resolution. High resolution and color quality with 3 LCOS panels ensure images are displayed as desired.


Image Technology

The Canon XEED 4K500ST offers 5,000 lumens with constant brightness over the entire zoom range – ideal for public presentations in bright ambient light. To its newly developed 4K-Wide-angle zoom lens, the Canon XEED 4K500ST can project large images from a short distance. A new edge focus function even enables images to be projected sharply onto curved surfaces. The brightness in the telephoto zoom area remains almost unchanged and simplifies installation and repositioning without having to readjust to the lighting conditions.

Create stunning, immersive presentations with multiple projectors using built-in border bonding technology, even curved and domed surfaces. Adjustment is even more convenient with Peripheral Focus (edge-to-edge focus only), sub-pixel registration, and 28 test images – all features of the unique 4K Dual Imaging System technology. Accurate image reproduction with dynamic gamma function prevents underexposure in dark areas and overexposes highlights; models accurately projected in the exact color. Medical images must comply with the international standard (DICOM part 14) to correctly display grayscale images, such as X-ray or tomography images. The built-in DICOM SIM mode allows you to display crisp images on a large screen by correcting the image’s color temperature using a blue or white substrate for bright display and accurately reproducing images with even subtle differences in color tones, thanks to 21 gamma options for fine adjustment.


Industry-Leading Performance

The AISYS optical system and three 4K LCOS reflective panels on the Canon XEED 4K500ST are incredibly compact and set a new industry standard for performance. AISYS technology improves color reproduction, raises brightness levels, and improves contrast. Two image processing systems ensure smooth and high-quality images that faithfully match the original. The projector’s compact size makes installation much more comfortable, even when space and weight are limited.


Distortion Free

TV distortion refers to the reshaping of the image around the edges caused by the projection lens’s quality. Pincushion and barrel distortion may be noticeable when projecting from a single projector. If multiple projectors used to create a blend of images, the superimposed image might not be aligned correctly, resulting in poor alignment. With a TV distortion value of 0.12%, you can achieve a perfect display of blended images.



4K (up to 4096 x 2400 @ 60 fps) playback can perform using four DVI-D connectors (interlaced or crossover) and 4096 x 2160 resolution using 2 HDMI cables. One HDMI cable can use for video playback at 3048 x 2160 resolution at 30 fps. Or to convert 2K to 4K using Canon’s upscaling algorithm. Installation options allow the projector to rotate up to 360 degrees and maintenance simplified with access to the lamp and filter.


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