Key features:

  • LCOS-Technology
  • WUXGA-resolution
  • Picture-by-picture, edge blending
  • Short-distance installation projector
  • Lens shift: vertical 75%, horizontal + -10%



With the new XEED WUX 450ST, Canon is launching the successor to the XEED WUX400ST. In a direct comparison, the new Canon XEED WUX450ST also offers HDBaseT, WLAN, and 500 lumens more than its predecessor. The compact and high-resolution WUXGA installation projector is particularly suitable for short projection distances. In addition to HDBaseT and wireless INTERNET ACCESS with a vertical Lens shift of 75% and thus offers a variety of installation options. The projected images are clear, bright, and vivid, with 4,500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2,000: 1.


User-Friendly Design & Flexibility

The projector’s compact size is an exceptional advantage when installed in classrooms, conference rooms, and other small spaces. Mounting legs for installation on the flat upper panel of the housing provides various integration options in complex projection systems, which will be a great advantage when used in museums and exhibition spaces. Convenient multi-level installation and vertical projection with any rotation in the range of 360°.

Canon XEED WUX450ST is a compact stationary multimedia projector with high resolution, the broadest possible installation, and application. It can scarcely install above or below the screen due to the support of vertical and horizontal shifts, including the extensive up to 75% range of vertical change for front-projection and rear-projection tasks. Despite the short focal length, the lens allows you to project images in sizes from 30 ‘to 300’ diagonally. Distortion minimized (usually 0.1%). A projection ratio of 0.56: 1 allows you to project 100-inch images from a distance of 1.2 meters, which is approximately one-third of the projector’s distance to the screen for conventional projectors.


Image Technology

The Canon XEED WUX450ST is equipped with the latest version of the Canon AISYS optical system and delivers efficient, consistent image quality. At a brightness of 4,500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000: 1, the images are clear, bright and vibrant, while maintaining the exceptional color accuracy and smooth image reproduction characteristic of the XEED projector line.

Exceptional image quality and smoothness quickly achieved under various operating conditions. The original resolution of the WUXGA projector (1920 x 1200 pixels) supports the Full HD format provided by LCOS technology. The DICOM SIM option is available with the primary modes of blue (Blue Base) and transparent (Clear Base), which allows you to choose the option of modeling the DICOM SIM or sRGB mode when projecting one image next to another.


Lamp Life

The Canon XEED WUX450ST projector’s lamp life in ECO mode is 5000 hours. Exceptional energy efficiency achieved by using a select ECO button, which instantly turns on the lamp at low power and provides access to other energy-saving functions.



New connectivity options provide an even more extensive selection of mounting options. With HDBaseT support, you can transmit audio or video signals and control the projector via a single cable at a distance of up to 100 m. Moreover, to the built-in Wi-Fi module, you can remotely control the projector from up to 25 m. Network Multi-Projection (NMPJ) function also provides a secure LAN connection. To the HDMI and DVI-I connectors, two digital input signals supported simultaneously, and Crestron RoomView provides instant integration of remote control and monitoring functions.

The new Canon XEED WUX450ST projector image processing engine offers a wide range of easy-to-understand features, including hardware border merging, built-in register adjustment, and integrated test tables. Demonstration of presentations without a PC via USB is possible with one or several projectors (up to 9 units) connected using a network cable in the mode of combining borders. The projection function of one image next to another supports two digital signal sources, which makes the projector an ideal choice for video conferencing. Models can project from almost any angle with perfect geometry reproduction with the 4-point keystone correction function.


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