Epson EB-1795F


Key features:

  • Resolution is Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • Epson document camera connectivity
  • Gesture presenter function (gesture presenter)
  • Wireless image and sound transmission via Wi-Fi
  • USB transfer of image, sound and control signals
  • Screen Fit function – automatic adjustment of image geometry



The Epson EB-1795F is a famous, ultra-portable Epson EB-17xx series, which has found a firm place in the business world in recent years. Epson EB-1795F is one of the most mobile LCD projectors on the market. The Epson EB-1795F now equipped with full HD resolution. So far, the projectors were with a maximum of WXGA resolution available. With the projector’s size, we move with dimensions of 292 x 213 x 44 mm (WxDxH) on the area of a Dina 4 sheet and the height of a matchbox (if it is on its side). Thus, the Epson EB-1795F fits comfortably in a giant notebook bag. At 1.8 kg, the projector is in a weight class that fits comfortably in a business bag.

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Wireless Connection

In addition to the usual connections, the Epson EB-1795F is well-positioned when it comes to wireless loading. IT has WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS, with which you can send content to the projector from your notebook, smartphone, or tablet. It would help if you had the Epson iProjection Software available for platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

To the NFC interface, which is also new to the EB1795F, a connection even established quickly. It, of course, applies to smartphones and tablets that also offer NFC. Next WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Miracast is also available. Miracast (also known as screen sharing) offers to send content from a Miracast-enabled smartphone or tablet to the projector. Here in1080p Quality possible, what with the WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Function is not yet the case. For example, you additionally stream video content directly to the projector. If you use video content in your presentations, this is the optimal wireless solution.


Image Technology

An exciting feature is the possibility of presentation using gesture control. Here, the actual presentation image slightly reduced, and a kind of touch bar is projected on the left or right, via which you can scroll through the presentation. To use this feature, the projector needs the HDMI or VGA Connection additionally one USB Connection to the PC or notebook.


Gesture Control

The Epson 1795F is the first ultraportable LCD Full HD projector resolution. It offers the advantage that you have more screen space available for the usual presentations of PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files. You can display more columns in this way, especially with Excel files. Photos presented in excellent sharpness. And so you can view videos in full HD quality. It is often an important point, especially in advertising.



The Epson EB-1795F offers other practical features. It includes its split-screen function, with which you can present the contents of two notebooks simultaneously. For this purpose, a source provided via HDMI and one per VGA connected. A useful property, especially when data has to compare. Like the EB-17xx series’s predecessors, the 1795F has the 3-in-1 USB display, which allows image, sound, and control data via USB Cable can be transmitted. It has an MHL-enabled HDMI Connection. MHL-capable smartphones and tablets can be connected here via MHL cables and, there is also a VGA Entrance, a Cinch-Video input, and a 3.5 mm jack input. Likewise is a USB type A and a USB type B connection available.


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