Epson EB-2165W


Key features:

  • 5000h air filter without maintenance
  • Projecting from Mobile Devices Using iProjection
  • Algorithms for high-quality video processing “DCDi Cinema.”
  • Ability to connect an Epson ELPDC06 document camera via USB
  • Automatic correction of vertical and horizontal keystone distortion
  • Mobile device screen duplication via Wi-Fi Miracast and Intel WiDi



Epson EB-2165W is a universal WXGA projector made using 3LCD technology, which has high image quality with a 5500 lumens brightness. This model intended for educational and business events in small or medium classrooms. It equipped with a high-quality lamp with a large margin of life, which provides a contrast of 15,000: 1. There are several primary keys on the device itself, while full control of the invention carried out from the remote control. There is also support for wireless signal reception using the Wi-Fi module included in the kit. Additionally, the projector equipped with a keystone correction function that allows you to set it in various positions with non-standard projection angles.


Image Technology

To its widescreen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, the Epson EB-2165W offers a wide range of uses. Regardless of whether you use it to present conventional PowerPoint presentations or show a video. The WXGA resolution harmonizes with current notebooks, which speaks for the presentation character. Since the resolution HD ready, the projector can also use for the presentation of video content or the transmission of football from TV.

The original Epson 3LCD projection technology guarantees vivid images with excellent colors even when the projector is in maximum brightness. The maximum intensity of the Epson EB-2165W, like its color brightness, is 5500 lumens. It is especially crucial in bright rooms, and when using large screens – the projector allows you to get a high-quality image without requiring you to switch to a more accurate but less colorful projection mode.


Wireless Connection

In terms of wireless interfaces, the Epson EB-2165W well positioned. It has one WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Interface via which content from a notebook, tablet, or smartphone can present. For this, Epson provides with theEasyMP SoftwareSoftware or with the Epson projection app the right SoftwareSoftware for the respective platforms. Presentations, pictures, texts, and tables are no problem via WLAN. However, as soon as videos come into play, it should not be used wireless INTERNET ACCESS transferred. The Miracast function enables data in1080pTransfer quality from a tablet or smartphone, which must also support Miracast. This transmission path is, therefore, best suited for wireless video presentations.


Gesture Control

A new feature of the Epson EB-2165W is its gesture control. The projector must be next to the HDMI Cable with one USB cable connected to the notebook (or via WLAN). Then you can turn the presentation shown on the projector back and forth by hand by moving your hand over arrow symbols within the displayed image. A practical feature for presenters.



It also has an MHL capableHDMIInterface via which MHL-compatible smartphones and tablets can connect to present content from them. To its screen-fit function, the projector can adapt the image to the available projection surface. It is useful if you are traveling with the projector and do not have a screen available. And with its 16-watt loudspeaker, it can provide sound to a room of average size.

The Epson EB-2165W well positioned in terms of interfaces. It has two HDMI inputs, one of which is MHL capable. There is also a VGA input and a VGA output. A stands for analog video signal inch-Video connection available. There is also a USB type B and a USB type A connection. The controller is responsibleRS232as well as a LAN interface. The LAN interface for HDBaseT is also available. There is also a stereoCinch Input and 3.5 mm jack inputs and outputs. Another advantage of the Epson EB-2165W is its HDBaseT interface. It enables the reception of HDBaseT content. You can view content up to1080pTransfer quality from point to point up to 100 m over a Cat cable. It would be best if you then had a suitable HDBaseT transmitter. This type of signal transmission is particularly useful in larger rooms.


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