Epson EB-2247U


Key features:

  • Universal WUXGA video projector
  • VGA output for a control video monitor
  • LAN port for connecting to the Internet
  • Two VGA inputs with stereo audio inputs
  • The ability to read materials from flash drives
  • Control from the dashboard or remote control



Epson EB-2247U is a versatile WUXGA LCD based projector. This device is perfect for seminars and presentations in business or training organizations and home use. It is equipped with a high quality 4200 lumens lamp and has a large contrast ratio of 15000: 1. The projector supports several different installation options with auto keystone correction. Additionally, the device allows you to receive various materials wirelessly via Wi-Fi from external devices. For control, the main buttons located on the video projector’s top panel, and the remote control also used.


Image Technology

Now more and more presentations are being created in high-resolution formats. It is not least because full HD has now become the standard in the field of monitors. The projector also needs a high resolution so that the created content looks just as good during the presentation. It is the case with the Epson EB-2247U.

With 1920 x 1200 pixels, the WUXGA resolution offers more pixels than the Full HD resolution. It makes it ideal for presentations. Another plus point is that you can comfortably watch films in full HD quality on the EB-2247U. Since the Full HD resolution In WUXGA, the display of film content in HD quality is no problem. It makes the Epson EB-2247U a multimedia projector.


Wireless Connection

A charming feature that makes the Epson EB-2247U affordable for wireless presentations is its WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESSFunction. It included in the scope of delivery. You can wirelessly send content from your notebook, tablet, or smartphone to the projector. Epson offers the necessary software for this. The Easy MP software is obtainable for download for Windows and Mac. And for mobile devices, Epson provides the iProjection App.

It is available for Android and iOS. To the WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS, You can use this function to send content such as presentations, images, and texts wirelessly to the projector. However, this function is not suitable for films—the integrated Miracast technology recommended for the transmission of data-heavy content. You can also use it to transfer content from your smartphone, tablet, or notebook to the projector. However, the material here is of quality up to1080ppossible. Yet, Miracast not supported by all devices. These include, for example, Apple devices.



When setting up, the Epson EB2247U can flexibly position. To its 1.6x zoom factor, it provides an image width of 2 m at a distance between approx. 280, and 440 cm. It means that he flexibly set up when choosing the image size or the range. Another benefit is the vertical and horizontal keystone correction. With it, you can straighten the picture if he is at a slight angle. The erect correction is +/- 30 degrees and automatically set by the projector. The horizontal Keystone-Correction is +/- 20 degrees. It set on a slider on the top of the projector.



One of both HDMI Inputs of the Epson EB-2247U is MHL-capable. You can get off content from an MHL-enabled mobile device (tablet/smartphone) right to the projector via an MHL cable. It is a practical feature, especially for mobile presentations. MHL-capable tools can found in the Android Devices section.


Connectivity & Control

The Epson EB-2247U well-positioned. It offers two VGA Inputs, two HDMI inputs, and one VGA output. There is also a cinch video connection for connection to older video devices. The internal loudspeaker connected via 3.5 mm jack or stereo Cinch provided. There is also a 3.5 mm output. There are a LAN and a for controlling the projector RS232 Interface available. There is additionally a USB type A and a USB Type B interface.

Another feature of the EB-2247U is its internal speaker. With an output of 16 watts, it can fill a small room with sound. Another feature is the split-screen function, with which you can split the image and display content from two sources at the same time. Another useful feature is the 3-in-1 USB display. Via a USB type B cable (as you know it from the printer), it can sound, image and control data from the PC or notebook via one USB To get connected. For this, you have to install the Epson software, and then you can start.


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