Epson EB-2265U


Key features:

  • HD BaseT Signal Transmission
  • Resolution is WUXGA (1920х1200)
  • Lamp life 10,000 hours in eco mode
  • Projecting from Mobile Devices Using iProjection
  • Algorithms for high-quality video processing “DCDi Cinema.”
  • Automatic correction of vertical and horizontal keystone distortion



The Epson EB-2265U combines high brightness with mobility and a rich set of features. This model specially designed for work in office rooms, large meeting rooms, classrooms, educational areas, waiting areas, etc. rooms where higher brightness or larger screen size is required than standard office projectors can offer. This model is ideal for presentations in front of an audience of 100 people. Epson EB-2265U is convenient to install on a permanent or temporary basis due to its compact size, a wide range of additional functions that increase the convenience and speed of installation, and a rich set of connection options, including WiFi and the HDBaseT interface often used in installation projectors.


Other Features

The case pleases with the elegance of smoothly rounded lines, ergonomics of the controls, and laconic compactness. For its considerable 5500 ANSI lumens of luminous power, the solution weighs less than 5 kg. The rear patch panel layout’s practicality is also inspiring – the Feng Shui connectors are grouped and provided with clear color marking, which clarifies the group affiliation and the semantic load of one or another socket.

The projector was built based on a three-panel LCD matrix (3LCD) WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution. 5500 ANSI lumens of brightness combined with 15,000: 1 contrast allows you to create a bright and clear picture (with a diagonal of 1.3 to 7.5 m) even in a vast, darkened room audience of about 100 people. Sharpness and zoom (1.6x) are manually adjusted (rings on the lens). For quick and convenient installation, not only automatic trapezoid correction functions are provided. But also screen auto-detection – ScreenFit function, called by a separate button on the remote control (the projector independently recognizes the boundaries of the projection surface and optimally ‘fits’ the picture into it due to digital zoom). There are also manual settings for the geometry of the image in the corners.


Wireless Connection

The WLAN function is standard on the Epson EB-2265U. Herewith it can receive contents like pictures, texts, or presentations. It is an attractive feature, especially for performances. For the transmission of videos is the usual one wireless INTERNET ACCESSConnection too weak. For this, it offers another feature, the screen mirroring function, called Miracast or Intel WiDi. It allows Android smartphones or tablets, which also provide this feature to send content in1080pTransfer quality wirelessly. It is particularly attractive if you want to show video presentations. For the regular use of wireless INTERNET ACCESS Function, the appropriate software still required depending on the device.



The Epson projector offers several other features that make it an excellent presentation projector. It includes its split-screen function, with which it displays two sources at the same time. It’s MHL capability is just as practicalHDMIConnection. It allows smartphones and tablets with MHL capability to be connected directly via MHL cables to send content to the projector. And with its screen fit function, setting up the image on the screen or another projection surface is child’s play. It ensures optimal use of the projection surface by automatically adjusting the image size. In this context, the vertical and horizontal keystone correction is noticeable.


Image Technology

The Epson EB-2265U offers excellent image sharpness. It is the perfect prerequisite for high-resolution presentations of all kinds. No matter whether the typical business presentation, photos, or videos. The WUXGA resolution is full HD resolution, which is an excellent basis for the presentation of videos. Even Excel spreadsheets offer with the high resolution much more visible columns.

To its 5500 lumens, the Epson EB2265U is an attractive projector for rooms that are less difficult to darken. Since it based on the EB-1980 series’ chassis, it is still portable with the right bag. Especially when brighter rooms are an issue at an external event, the Epson projector offers a good reserve if it is otherwise in the eco Mode with 3800 lumens is used.


HDBaseT & Gesture Control

When it comes to installations in conference rooms, the Epson EB-2265U well positioned. To its HDBaseT interface, it can use with this future-proof type of image transmission. For example, it replaces the HDMI cable over distances of up to 100 m. It would best if you still had an HDBaseT transmitter, the receiver built into the Epson EB-2265U. This solution is ideal for a point-to-point transmission when laying an HDMI cable is not possible or too expensive. A new feature that Epson has installed in its current projector series is gesture control. It allows you to scroll through a presentation when you point your hand at individual buttons in the projected image. The actual image area reduced a little. A sensor detects the area on which the button expected. The control commands transmitted to the computer are necessary for addition to the HDMI or VGA Cable still one USB Connect cables.


KeyStone Correction

In addition to the stationary installation option, the Epson EB-2265U is very convenient as a mobile projector. In particular, the projector automatically corrects the shape of the trapezoid vertically and horizontally, allowing you to instantly adjust the form of the image when projecting from a non-optimal position relative to the screen. The Screen Fit function enables you to recognize the screen and automatically fit the model into its frame, which otherwise would require the user to adjust each corner of the image using the Quick Corner function. The Focus Help function helps to correctly focus the image without running to the screen and not looking at the pixels’ outlines.


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