Epson EB-700U


Key features:

  • Possibility of projection onto the table
  • Viewing images from USB flash drives
  • USB transfer of image, sound and control signals
  • Correcting vertical and horizontal keystone distortion
  • Wi-Fi wireless image and sound transmission (optional)
  • Ultra-short throw distance: 90 ” screen with only 53 cm



The Epson EB-700U is a laser, ultra-short-throw WUXGA projector based on 3LCD technology for educational and business events in small classrooms. The peculiarity of this model is that it allows projection at a record short distance from the canvas or projection surface. The device equipped with a high-quality laser light-emitting diode with a significant resource reserve, which provides a brightness of 4,000 lm and contrast of 2,500,000. The device is controlled both by the remote control and from the dashboard. Additionally, there is support for wireless data transmission using an optional Wi-Fi adapter, which is purchased separately.



The Epson EB-700U projector is lightweight and compact enough to be easily handled by one technician. It allows flexible installation and mounting in confined spaces. The characteristics of the Epson EB-700U ultra-short-throw projector will enable it to be installed in a narrow area, for example, in a shop window, or rotated 360 degrees in any direction. In addition, there is support for portrait projection.


Image Technology

Full HD WUXGA resolution, combined with a laser light source and Epson 3LCD technology, ensure that all displayed content displayed in the highest quality in any room. The benefits of 3LCD technology are especially noticeable when you want to achieve vibrant, accurate colors and higher brightness in ambient lighting conditions. To laser technology, you don’t have to change lamps, and its inorganic panel and fluorescent wheel are so reliable that Epson offers a warranty of up to five years or 20,000 hours.

Another advantage of the Epson EB-700U is the ultra-short optics. To it, the projector achieves a conventional image size at a short distance. It reaches an image length of 2 m at a distance of about 20-40 cm. It means that it hardly needs any space in front of the projection surface. You can stand in front of the picture and present it there without being dazzled by the device. It is a valuable property, especially for schools. To the ultra-short optics, the students do not look into the light and are not blinded. Another advantage of the optics is that you can work with the Epson EB700U in rooms where little space is available. You don’t need the usual spacing, which requires a standard room size. It makes the Epson projector an attractive solution for small meeting rooms.


Wireless Connection

One feature that is beneficial when presenting is its Wi-Fi option. The optional Epson ELPAP 10 WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Adapter enables playback from a notebook or mobile device. The Easy MP software is available for Windows and Mac computers. Epson is available for smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS) iProjection App available. Content such as images, texts, and presentations can conveniently send to the projector. For videos, this is WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Function not suitable.



Here the Epson EB-700U offers everything you need for everyday presentations. It includes three HDMI Inputs (one including MHL), one VGA input and one VGA Output. There are three USB Type-A connectors (one of them for the WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS Unit), and a USB Type B. There is one LAN and one for the control RS232 Interface available. There are additionally two 3.5 mm audio inputs and one output.


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