Epson EB-G7905U


Key features:

  • Wi-fi wireless image transfer (optional)
  • Vertical and horizontal lens shift lockable
  • Lens Position and Geometric Correction Function
  • Adjust projection to concave and convex screens
  • Possibility of prediction at an angle from 0° to 360°
  • Wired Network Image Monitoring, Control and Transmission



Epson EB-G7905U installation projector with a brightness of 7000 lumens and WUXGA resolution, which is easy to configure and maintenance-free, will provide high color reproduction and wide color gamut. The Epson EB-G7905U projector is ideal for professional installations in large areas. Epson 3LCD technology guarantees equally high brightness in white and color brightness, which will provide the displayed content in bright and saturated colors even in daylight. To flexible installation, low maintenance, and 4K support, this model will be in demand among installers and event organizers and projection rental companies.



The projector has a central location of the lens, while the body is symmetrical about the lens’s axis. Projector body element made of black plastic with a matte finish. On the right side, the lamp cover and warning labels. Behind the grill is a large pleated air filter. The grille also hides a USB port, designed primarily for installing the optional wi-fi adapter. A loudspeaker installed behind the screen. All other interface connectors located in a shallow niche on the rear panel. The bottom of the slot with connectors is protected from the connectors’ sharp edges by a lining made of wear-resistant plastic. Besides, the back panel is a power connector, a bracket for fixing cables (it proposed to use plastic ties), a traditional Kensington lock connector, and a board with control buttons.

The back panel with a bundle of outgoing cables can be closed with a complete cable cover, then the view of the projector will be neat from all sides. The cover’s inscription is upside down since it assumed that the ceiling mounts on the bracket with the bottom-up would mainly use. There are three infrared receivers – at the junction of the upper and rear panels (as you can see, the cable cover does not close it) and at the front, lower on the sides of the lens niche—the projector equipped with a front and two rear legs. There are rounded rubber soles on the legs—the pins made of steel and the threaded sockets where they are screwed made of non-ferrous alloy. For mounting to the ceiling bracket, threaded metal sleeves embedded in the bottom of the projector. There are two sets of four for two types of brackets. A couple of threaded holes in metal sleeves also designed for fastening the cable cover.


Image Technology

The Epson EB-G7905U offers excellent image sharpness with its WUXGA resolution. This way, presentations can be presented in the best quality. There is also more room for tables than with Full HD resolution the case is. However, he also covers these. It is a perfect choice for film projection. Here its 4K Get even more out of enhancement technology. More on that later.

The 4K enhancement technology is more familiar with the Epson home theater segment. Here the panel is moved so that an ‘almost’ 4K resolution achieved. It is still not enough for the pure4K resolution approach, but again, an even higher sharpness than the usual Full HD picture. It is a desirable feature, uncommonly when projecting film content. Of the LCD, The WUXGA offers a projector resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels in 16:10 format. With 7000 lumens, its light output is at an excellent level. It also applies to the native contrast of 2000: 1 with a contrast ratio of 50,000: 1. It was also evident in the Epson EB-G7905U test, especially with pictures.


KeyStone Correction

To an attractive selection of interchangeable lenses, including an ultra-short lens, it can equip for a wide variety of uses. The Lens shift function that can be adjusted by the motor can shift the image vertically and horizontally. It allows the picture to avoid small obstacles or to avoid a ceiling bracket that is too long. In this case, the vertical offset is +/- 67%, and the horizontal offset is +/- 30%. However, this varies a little depending on the optics used. Here the Epson EB-G7905U also offers vertical and horizontal compensation. The vertical benefit is +/- 45 degrees, and the parallel benefit is +/- 30 degrees. It makes it easy to set up the projector image.



The Epson’s connections are very versatile. It offers one HDMI Entrance and one DVI-D input for digital signal sources. In addition, there is the possible HD BaseT connection, via which HD signals can be transmitted over long distances via Cat cable from an HDBaseT transmitter. One VGA input and one stands for analog image signalsBNCInterface available. AVGAThere is also an exit. One LAN stands for the control or the service RS232 and a USB type B interface available. The internal 10-watt speaker can power via a 3.5 mm jack. A 3.5 mm jack output is also available.


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