Key features:

  • Static Contrast is 100,000: 1
  • Resolution is HD (1280 x 720)
  • Brightness (ANSI Lumens): 250
  • Built-in battery: 4 hours of operation
  • Auto vertical digital keystone, MS Office file viewer, 26 menu
  • HDMI (MHL), 3.5mm audio out, USB host (DivX, MP3, Photo), Bluetooth



The main advantage of this projector is mobility with a compact size. Weighing only 0.5 kg, the PH 30 JG can work for 4 hours, while the screen size can be 100 inches. This functionality is not replaceable for people who use the projector for mobile presentations, watching movies on the street, and advertising events. Another advantage of the model is the modern USB Type C port, making it easy to connect current video content sources. Also, there are standard HDMI and USB connectors. PH 30 JG is very easy to use and plug & play. In addition to the automatic calibration and self-diagnostic functions, all parameters can edit manually, where the vADJ advanced settings item is available.


Compact & Ultra-Portable

Considering the size of the LG PH30JG, you can call it not a projector, but a mobile gadget. The device is so compact that sometimes you can put it in a jacket pocket and not take a bag or backpack at all. The dimensions resemble a stack of smartphones with a screen of about 6 inches. The classic remote control looks a little strange against this background. LG did not make it to match the projector (perhaps for the sake of ergonomics or the usual user experience), so the controller’s length is almost equal to the length of the projector.

The portability of the LG PH30JG suggests that it can use in unusual places and situations where before we would not even think about watching movies on the big screen. Therefore, the manufacturer added the ability to mount the projector on a tripod (for example, from a camera) and a foldable stand that allows you to stand the device upright and watch movies on the ceiling. The LG PH30JG could be the device we always take on trips and be among the first things we end up in a backpack, travel bag, or suitcase. Weightless than 500 grams will not felt (it is comparable to a tablet), but what pleasure you can get from watching movies on a big screen after a busy day.


Image Technology

LG PH30JG built using DLP technology. The matrix resolution is 1280×720 pixels. It seems not a lot, but the image satisfies our ideas about what a high-quality picture should be when a projector is operating. Especially if you do not force the device to work at its limit, simulating a 100-inch screen. The optimal value, in our opinion, is 60-80 inches; that is, the projector should be at a distance of about 1.5-2.5 meters from the plane. If necessary, you can choose the brightness, and the manufacturer offers three levels. Contrast, color saturation, and overall impression of image quality are top-notch.



A full charge is enough for four hours of work, just right for watching a couple of films or 4-8 episodes of your favorite series, depending on the duration. Conveniently, you do not need to look for a place to connect to the network, and you can use the projector anywhere. For example, if you go to hotels, there is necessarily a problem of a shortage of adapters for sockets or when there is a socket. Still, its place is not suitable for conveniently connecting a projector. And for a summer weekend, you can generally save space in a backpack or bag and leave the power adapter at home – four hours of battery life is just enough for one evening.



The projector is versatile in terms of the use of signal sources. You can connect a computer or laptop with an HDMI cable, mobile gadgets – with a USB-C cable, and data transfer from flash drives and hard drives. In the latter case, the LG PH30JG ‘understands’ the standard formats of photos, videos, music and allows you to play them using a functional and convenient built-in media player.

In addition, the projector can also open MS Office files (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations) if you need to take the device to school or work to demonstrate something on the big screen. In terms of sound, the projector has the bare minimum of one built-in monaural speaker. If you want to watch a spectacular movie with good music or turn on a film for a large company, you can connect external acoustics via 3.5 mm wire or Bluetooth. Alternatively, these may not be speakers, but headphones to watch movies at night and not interfere with sleep.


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