Key features:

  • Support for Full 3D HDMI
  • 4K resolution (4096 x 2160)
  • Interchangeable optics optionally available
  • Control via RS-232, the ability to connect via LAN
  • The operational life of the projector is at least 20,000 hours
  • Compact dimensions and the possibility of vertical mounting



With the new NEC PH1201QL, the innovations of NEC in laser light sources presented on the market. The laser phosphor installation projector with 4K 3DLP technology offers all the advantages of a new laser light source and high 4K resolution. Since no lamps need to replaced, there is no maintenance and long service life. They cover a wide range of colors and produce images with a high one 4K-resolution reproduce extremely detailed. The new NEC PH1201QL designed for demanding, large premises. It offers excellent projection quality for rental/events, universities, museums, large companies, and control center installations.


More Features

NEC Laser Phosphor Technology eliminates the need to purchase and replace bulbs and provides the lowest ownership cost for the business. NEC PH1201QL also characterized by low power consumption, more stable light output, and has a typical service life of 20 thousand hours while maintaining outstanding image quality.

The projector supports 4K / 60 Hz signals and is perfect for lecture halls, simulators, control rooms, large venues, museums, and sports. The projector has a small weight (67 kg) and a flexible interface and supports portrait mode. Such flexibility and low power consumption (1.6 kW) mean that a high return on the device’s use can achieve in any application. Organizations investing in projection systems with a laser light source can be assured of such investments’ long-term profitability due to the ease of installation and minimal maintenance costs while maintaining excellent image quality.

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Image Technology

The world’s smallest 4K native projector laser projector, the NEC PH1201QL, offers superior image quality with enhanced color reproduction and high brightness of 12,000 lumens over a long life. The new flagship NEC PH1201QL practically does not require maintenance during operation, eliminating the need to replace the lamp. NEC PROJECTOR PH1201QL is a three-chip DLP projector with a resolution of 4K (4096 x 2160). Its exceptional qualities complemented by a high brightness of 12,000 lumens, which allows it to use in well-lit rooms without compromising the quality of the reproduced video image.


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