Key features:

  • Contrast Ratio 1 2,500,000: 1
  • Brightness 1 8000 ANSI lumens
  • Lens 3 accessories for motorized lens
  • 1920 x 1200 native resolution (WUXGA)
  • Projection Technology 3LCD Technology
  • Magnification / Magnification Image Mechanical



The NEC PX803UL-WH projector – just ‘set it and forget it.’ A premium professional blue laser LED light source, combined with a unique, high-quality phosphor disc and no filter change required, and the projector delivers 20,000 hours of uninterrupted operation. These features and low total power consumption guarantee exceptional reliability and an attractive total cost of ownership, especially crucial for long term advertising installations or in museums. Excellent cinematic picture quality, especially on large screens, is ensured by 4K signal processing. With a new optional ultra-short-throw lens, this projector is ideal for dramatizations, higher education institutions, and large corporations.


Laser Light Technology

To the laser technology, the NEC PX803UL-WH offers excellent longevity of the light source. With up to 20,000 hours, changing lamps are a thing of the past. This factor has an impact on a wide variety of areas. It includes freedom from maintenance, since no lamp replacement is necessary, and cost savings on the lamp itself. A conventional projector of this performance class requires a new lamp every 2000 to 3000 hours, which is not the case with the NEC PX803UL-WH. Thus you save costs in several ways.

In addition to the costs, the laser light source offers another advantage, color rendering. It is, on average better for a laser projector than for a conventional projector with a lamp. The available color space is significantly larger with a laser light source than with a lamp. You also benefit from excellent color rendering. The 24/7 feature is playing an increasingly important role today, especially in the digital signage sector. It means the projector can use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A laser projector is, of course, predestined for this use. This property is particularly important for advertising or control rooms.


Image Technology

The NEC PX803UL-WH supports direct 3D. So you can make film presentations directly from the 3D Blu-ray player. It uses RF technology for 3D glasses. It offers one for addressing the glasses 3DSync connection to which an RF transmitter is attached. The RF or Bluetooth signal provides a stable transmission of the message, which is noticeable to the viewer. The wire and glasses are optionally available. As is often the case with larger installation projectors, NEC offers the NEC PX803UL-WH in two colors. You can make the optimal choice for yourself, which color is more suitable in your environment.



In terms of optics, the NEC PX803UL-WH well positioned. To its optional interchangeable optics, the projector can configure for a wide variety of room sizes and screen diagonals. But that’s not all. The optics themselves are motorized. You can zoom, the focus, and the lens shifted the function by remote control. Ideal for picture setup. Speaking of which Lens shift, the NEC PX803UL-WH can change the picture vertically and horizontally on the screen. In this case, its default value is a vertical offset of + 50 or – 30% and +/- 15% in the horizontal shift range. If the Lens shift If this function is not sufficient, vertical and horizontal keystone correction of +/- 40 degrees is also available.



An HDBaseT interface, as offered by the NEC PX803UL-WH, has a massive advantage during installation. You can transmit HD signals via Cat cable over a length of 80 m. That has the power that you don’t have to HDMI cable are dependent, which would be expensive or not feasible in this length. The receiver for the HDBaseT signal built into the NEC PX803UL-WH. You only need one transmitter.

The NEC PX803UL-WH well-positioned here. It has an HDMI input, a Display Port Entrance, and one HDMI Output, and there is also a VGA Entrance and one BNC Interface. There is a for the control RS232 Interface, a LAN connection (HDBaseT) and a remote connection (3.5 mm) are available. There is also a USB Type-A connector and the 3D Sync interface. This variety can also expand via the OPS slot.


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