Key features:

  • USB flash drive output
  • LCD projector for office
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 20 W
  • Projector Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • The image size from 1.6 to 2.96 m
  • VGA, HDMI, composite, component, audio mini-jack, RCA audio



The NEC UM361X ultra-short throw projector is ideal for classrooms and small to medium-sized conference rooms. Improved Eco features significantly reduce operating costs while maintaining a high level of quality and flexibility. The projector provides ample connectivity through a variety of analog and digital video interfaces, including those with MHL support, can connect to the network, and a free wireless connection.


Other Features

To its robust optics, it can use in areas where a standard projector cannot use. Mostly in connection with a space problem. Since the NEC UM361X already has an image width of 2 m at a distance of approx. 72, it can also be installed in smaller rooms. Even if the place turns out a bit higher and one ceiling mounting is not necessarily possible, it offers good alternatives.

Since it already comes with a wall bracket, this is another plus point for wall mounting. In addition to being used in smaller meeting rooms, the projector is also suitable for classrooms. To the UST optics, the projector prevents shadows from the person presenting on the projector. Even if she then turns to the spectators, for example, the students, she is not blinded by the light if it shows something on the canvas, only a small part covered by the picture.


Wireless Connection

It also offers several practical features. These include, for example, this wireless INTERNET ACCESSOption to retrofit the projector. Even the functions USB Display, theUSBJPEG viewer, or the Dicom simulation mode are convenient. It makes it particularly interesting for hospitals. Dicom mode cannot use for diagnosis, but it is suitable for preparation and training. It also applies to the internal 20-watt loudspeaker, with which you can already properly soundproof a room that is not too big.


Image Technology

The projector of the LCD uses the 1024 x 768 pixels of the XGA resolution in 4: 3 format. Its light output of 3600 lumens is already at an excellent level for an ultra-short projector. It can also contrast of 4000: 1 let’s see what the NEC UM361X test showed. The presentation of images comes into its own very well. And that too Operating noise is 28 for a projector with this light output dB in the Eco Mode at a reasonable level.



The interfaces of the NEC UM361X are quite diverse. So he has two HDMI inputs, one of which is MHL capable. There is also a VGA input and aVGAExit available. A cinch video connection is available for older, analog video sources. The 20-watt speaker can connect via a 3.5 mm jack or stereoCinchload. A 3.5 mm jack output is also available. The UM361X can control via RS232 or LAN. One USB Type B port for the USB display and two USB Type-A ports, one for the wireless USB Dongle, is also available.


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