Optoma ML750ST


Key features:

  • Short throw LED projector
  • Compact, lightweight – only 0.4 kg
  • Amazing Color – HD Ready, LED Technology
  • Integrated memory, microSD card slot, and USB
  • MHL Interface, HDMI port, optional wireless connection
  • Ideal projector for gaming, watching and PC-free presentations



The Optoma ML750ST is an HD ready LED short distance projector. It based on the popular Optoma ML750ST LED projector. Its wide-angle lens allows it to installed close to a wall. It is designed for multimedia use and has an integrated media player. It enables a PC-free presentation, and the playback takes place via USB, the integrated memory, or the microSD card slot. LED Optoma ML750ST Projector can enjoy the typical advantages such as filterless design or extended service life. With its weight of 420 grams, it is incredibly mobile and therefore suitable for on the go.

short distanceshort distance


With its unique wide-angle lens, a 100 ‘image (corresponds to 2.54 meters) can realize from a distance of one meter. It is possible to project close to the wall, and shadows by the presenter hardly occur. This technique is for motion games like the Wii U, PS3, or Xbox offers, suitable.


Image Technology

The Optoma ML750ST offers HD ready technology (WXGA 1280 x 800) and has a brightness of 800 lumens. The contrast is 20,000: 1. It means that tables and texts not displayed in high contrast. A steep one variation seen overall provides more image depth. The LED Optoma ML750ST projector uses individual red, green, and blue LED modules to generate the image – without any Color wheel.

It should no longer lead to color flashes in the form of a rainbow effect. TheLED Illumination offers uniform brightness and color performance, coupled with a long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. The Rec709 standard ensures bright and vivid images. The excellent image properties show in an Optoma ML750ST test. This tiny Optoma ML750ST projector has an integrated sensor that automatically calibrates the LED every time it turned on.


Multimedia Playback

With its integrated media player and native office viewer, the data can access via the microSD card slot, or without a laptop or PC, USBP lay the interface. It makes the projector even more mobile since you no longer have to rely on a player, and there can be situations where there is no computer on site. For the digital signage area, its ‘sleep timer’ function is impressive.

It allows the projector to set to switch off after a specific time. At this point, the 360 ° projection is worth mentioning. With this function, images can project over the full range of 360 ° along the vertical axis, including a projection on a ceiling or the floor. A portrait projection is also possible, with which the Optoma ML750ST projector rotated 90 degrees to project an upright image—ideal for digital signage applications that do not require landscape projection.



On the HDMI-Input can be connected to the latest laptops, PCs, game consoles or Blu-ray players. It allows you to watch the film in good quality. Gamers will be interested to know that the Optoma ML750ST projector has a latency of 17 ms. With the MHL, appropriate end devices can connect to the projector, and videos, pictures, and documents can be played on the projector quickly and quickly. The Optoma ML750ST conveniently positioned for the connections. It has HDMI + MHL v2.0, Universal I / O – VGA, MicroSD slot, USB-A reader / wireless, and audio out.


Wireless Connection

The Optoma ML750ST projector has an optional wireless signal source function. Plugin the USB adapter and download the free HDCast Pro app to directly display presentations and videos from your laptop, PC, or mobile phone.


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