Optoma W320USTi


Key features:

  • The contrast ratio is 20,000: 1
  • Bright image – 4000 ANSI lumens
  • Interactive ultra-short throw projector
  • Crestron RoomView – RJ45 control and monitoring
  • WXGA resolution, two HDMI inputs and 16W speaker
  • TouchBeam – interactive technology with fingertip control



Due to its special optics and its interactive function, the Optoma W320USTi is particularly suitable for schools and the business sector. Its interactive purpose fits perfectly with a conventional whiteboard, which is still widely available in classrooms. Thanks to this interactive function, several people can work on the screen simultaneously without a pen. You can also turn a dull wall into an interactive surface. With the special UST optics, shadows primarily avoided, and the projector benefits from the fact that the light beam no longer blinds him.HDMI Inputs and a 16-watt speaker.


Image Technology

The Optoma W320USTi has the direct 3D capability. The stereoscopic function reproduced at a frequency of 144 Hz, which, in the end, ensures a smooth picture reproduction. Via HDMI can be 3D Connect players such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, corresponding PCs, and satellite/receivers. It would best if you also had optional shutter glasses. With his WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, it also combined with his HDMI HD Ready inputs simultaneously.

Its contrast ratio is an excellent 20,000: 1, which ensures a high-contrast display of tables and fonts on light backgrounds. With its 4,000 lumens, it can project the right image even in rooms that not wholly darkened, often found in schools and meeting rooms. Its unique ultra-short distance lens can project an image up to 2.54 meters (corresponds to 100 inches) from a short distance of half a meter away. Furthermore, the presenter hardly creates shadows and is not blinded by the projector’s beam of light.


Eco AV Mute

With the so-called ECO-AV mute function, the presenter can draw attention again by ‘muting’ the picture and the sound. Simultaneously, electricity consumption is reduced by 70%. It extends the life of the lamp at the same time. Another practical and useful function is the Quick Resume function, in which the projector can switch on again immediately after switched off accidentally. The automatic shutdown function is interesting for installations, with which the projector can be switched off automatically after a specified time.



The Optoma W320USTi offers a variety of control options. With its RS232 Interface, it can quickly integrate into existing environments that already use the RS 2323 protocol. The AMX compatibility provided by the built-in Dynamic Discovery protocol and allows easy installation with appropriate AMX control systems. It is compatible with the RoomView software via LAN. A large number of projectors can be controlled and monitored from any PC or Mac. One of the practical things is that automated messages can send if, for example, an error occurs or a lamp change is imminent. It can additionally switch on and off via LAN.


Interactive Functions

The letter ‘i’ in the name suggests that the Optoma W320USTi contains an interactive function. It is made possible by its interactive module, the two interactive pens, and the interactive software. The included interactive Light Pen software is compatible with both Mac and PC. It provides various learning and processing options that can ideally use in schools and businesses.

The following functions are available: mouse functions, highlighter, eraser, and also a whiteboard mode. Whiteboard mode is particularly useful in a school because there are whiteboards. The supplied pens can either be used individually or partially at the same time. A distinction is made between full-screen dual pen mode and split display double pen mode when using two pens. In full-screen dual pen mode, a teacher and a student can then work in full screen with the same tool. In the split display dual pen mode, on the other hand, two actors can create drawings with the same or different tools in the split display mode.



The Optoma W320USTi conveniently positioned for the connections. It has 2 HDMI (1.4a 3D support), 2 x VGA (YPbPr / RGB), Composite, 2 x Audio In 3.5mm, Audio Out 3.5mm, VGA Out (together with VGA2), RJ45, RS232, USB mouse control/service, 12V trigger, mic in, USB-A power and 3D-Sync. The Optoma W320USTi has an integrated 16-watt speaker. With this performance, you can do without external devices such as AV receivers or active loudspeakers for a sound increase in small and medium-sized rooms.


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