The Panasonic Space player PT-JW130GWE white projector can project video or still images on or around an object. Panasonic Space player PT-JW130GWE white is made in the form of spotlights. In addition to planning images, they can function as standard lamps in lighting mode. This combination of lighting and projection is an effective way to attract attention in shopping malls, museums and galleries, and many other places. This Panasonic Space player PT-JW130GWE white projector easily mount onto the track rail, which can be moved and turned in any direction.



Breathe new life into the old exhibition: one spatial projector will effectively illuminate the exhibits and, simultaneously, project text or visual information about them onto unusual surfaces. The ability to combine background, spot or diffuse lighting with a moving or static visible experience will refresh and improve visual perception.


Cafes & Restaurants

Even a casual visitor who first looks into your establishment for a coffee cup will come back again and again to the unforgettable atmosphere that Space Player can create. It takes the concept of design to a new level because you can change the mood of the public by dimming or adding light, placing menus or wine lists right on tables or on the walls, and putting both decor and dishes in a favorable light.

Space Player is a hybrid of a lighting fixture and a projector. This approach to projecting images expands the scope of this device. Light accents can serve as informational or advertising signs on a business forum. A combination of videos, static images, and unobtrusive lighting will make any retail space attractive. In contrast, visitors to an exhibition or opening day will not miss a single detail to the high resolution and clarity of both text and video materials broadcast using the Panasonic Space player PT-JW130GWE white projector. From now on, the ability to create a wide variety of visual projections, combine several projectors into a group over a local network, and remotely control them turns any space into a basis for creativity.


Retail Space

The most crucial marketing task is to attract the attention of a potential buyer to the product displayed in a shop window or the area of a retail outlet. The Panasonic Space player PT-JW130GWE white projector will turn your product demonstration into a vivid multimedia show, and buyers’ interest will skyrocket. Changing the assortment, come up with a new decoration that will favorably emphasize its advantages. To update the showcase when the assortment changes, you need to create a new presentation and load it onto a memory card. Using a computer, you can add music to presentations, adjust their content, and change projection settings using the remote control come up with the projector.


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