Sony VPL-HW65ES White


Key features:

  • Luminous flux 1800 lm
  • The noise level is 22 dB
  • SXRD home theater projector
  • Contrast ratio is up to 120,000 : 1
  • The image size from 1.02 to 7.62 m
  • Projector resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)



As usual with Sony’s home cinema projectors, the Sony VPL-HW65ES uses SXRD technology. It offers the advantages of LCD Technology as well as DLP Technology and not its disadvantages. It combines excellent color rendering with high image sharpness and excellent contrast. With this technology, Sony is laying the foundation for the success of the SXRD home cinema projector. Besides, it is mainly at the 3D Are known for fast image reproduction, which minimizes ghosting. The HW65 offers the possibility to align the SXRD panels, an attractive feature for the correction of color fringes. In addition to the color fringes that can be corrected, this has a positive effect on the contours’ sharpness.

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Other Features

One point that is always positive for the Sony home cinema projectors is the quiet running noise. To it, you hardly notice the projector, which is particularly noticeable in silent film sequences. In this case, it only comes to a value of 22dB. When it comes to controlling options, the Sony VPL-HW65ES has gone a step further than its predecessor. Since a home cinema is now increasingly integrated into automated environments, it is advantageous if the projector supports different control systems. It is the case with Sony. It is compatible with systems from Crestron Connected, AMX, and Control4 SDDP.

In terms of flexibility, the Sony VPL-HW65ES well positioned. Its 1.6 times zoom, with which it achieves an image width of 2 m at a distance between approximately 275 and 430 cm, also offers the lens shift function. With it, the projector can shift the image vertically and horizontally. The primacy of this is that it does not harm the image quality, which is more the case with keystone correction. With the lens shift function, the entire optics moved, while keystone correction digitally assisted. Therefore, the lens shift function is the more attractive solution. Of the Lens shift, The range is +/- 71% vertically and +/- 25% horizontally.


Image Technology

Sony’s Reality Creation was first introduced in the 4K-Projectors used and has now found its way into the Full-HD series and used in the Sony VPL-HW65ES. With a reproduction of the content that is lost when converting the footage to the Blu-ray, it provides an even better representation of the available material. It affects the areas of colors and textures, which together have a recognizable effect on image quality.

The dynamic contrast of the Sony VPL-HW65ES is one of the main differences that make up the device compared to the cheaper HW45. To the dynamic iris in the Sony VPL-HW65ES, the dynamic contrast is recognizable, which is particularly noticeable in picture scenes with changing brightness ranges. In the Sony VPL-HW65ES, this property noticed when displaying an illuminated tunnel. A drive through the tunnel below the lighting in the tunnel led to rapid changes in the brightness display. In a projector without a dynamic aperture, the contrast depicted less alive in such areas. Sony uses the third generation dynamic iris for the Sony VPL-HW65ES. It offers an even better implementation than in the previous models.

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Motion-Flow Technology

Motionflow technology, like that Interframe calculation, called at Sony, ensures a smooth image reproduction with fast image sequences. It can be adjusted in several stages and provides a pleasantly calm picture with quick pans. It is a popular feature, especially for action films. It is in 2D Mode and 3D Mode available.



Especially when it comes to using in the living room, the Sony VPL-HW65ES offers the advantage that its 1800 lumens make it stand out more intensely than is the case with some other devices. The dynamic lamp control also affects the brightness in 3D Mode, which will delight 3D fans, as the picture shows what is behind the 3D Glasses arrive, turns out even more reliable.



Here, the Sony projector is now concentrating on digital interfaces. It has two HDMI Inputs for signal supply. There is also a LAN connection, a remote connection (RS232), a USB Type-A interface, a 3.5 mm trigger, and a 3.5 mm IR connection.


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