Eachine E58 WiFi FPV HD Camera Drone


Key features:

  • A 6-axis gyroscope stabilizes the quadrocopter;
  • Return to the side of the take-off point by pressing one button;
  • Headless Mode – simplifies quadcopter control.
  • Support for microSD memory card on 32Gb;
  • 3-speed modes, make the flight calm or more exciting;
  • Broadcast video to a mobile device via Wi-Fi;
  • Free JY UFO app for Apple and Android.

1- intro1- intro


Eachine E58 WiFi FPV HD Camera Drone, the drone, was released in October 2019. In appearance, this model is very similar to the famous DJI Mavic, but it has a smaller size and cost, while advanced features. Optionally, the copter can equip with a 2/0.3 megapixel camera with the ability to adjust the angle of its inclination, as well as record photos and videos to a memory card. In addition, the drone has the functions of automatic take-off and landing, flips in the air, altitude hold mode, and Headless Mode.

2- appearance2- appearance


The compact quadrocopter provides high flight characteristics, has a folding design, which makes it easy to travel with it. Eachine E58 copter made of durable black plastic, which is lightweight and can withstand emergencies. It has two LED indicators in the front and rear, which allow you to fly in the dark.

3- camera3- camera


The drone optionally equipped with a 0.3-megapixel camera (480P), or 2 megapixels. The 2-megapixel camera (720P) has a wide viewing angle (FOV) of 120°, which is optimal for FPV flights. For a budget uncrewed aerial vehicle, the shooting quality of a 2-megapixel camera is considered optimal. Color reproduction is also at an excessive level. The angle of inclination can be set manually: from 15° to 70°. Photos and videos are saved on a microSD card, or in the smartphone’s memory.

With a six-axis gyroscope and the ability to maintain altitude, the Eachine E58 quadrocopter allows you to get reasonably clear photos and videos with a minimum degree of distortion. The camera works in conjunction with a Wi-Fi transmitter that transmits an image at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Following the technical characteristics of the quadrocopter, the maximum distance of FPV-removal is 30 meters. However, it is worth considering that, in practice, it is approximately half that.

4- remote4- remote

Remote Control

It works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Three AA batteries power the remote control. If you look at the specification of this model, then it says quadrocopter control at a distance of 80-100 meters, but as the test showed, in the free area from interference, it amounted to no more than 30-35 meters. The design of the remote control provides a retractable frame for installing a smartphone with a maximum width of 7.5 centimeters. Also, in the case, you can see a pair of folding antennas that do not carry a functional load and are designed exclusively for decoration.

5- software5- software

Software & Functionality

Smartphone Management from a smartphone is carried out through the application ‘JY UFO’ for the operating systems iOS and Android. To pair, you need to activate the Eachine E58 quadrocopter, holding the top button for two seconds until all the LEDs flash rapidly. Then you need to configure the Wi-Fi network by going to the menu where to find the WiFi-720P-XXXXXX system and then launch the JY UFO application in advance and make the appropriate connection in it. Eachine E58 quadrocopter equipped with the following features:

1.) Return with one button – this function allows you to easily and quickly return the device to its original point

2.) 3D Flips – performing drone stunts in the air with the click of a button

3.) 3 speed modes (30%, 60%, 100%)

4.) Flight along a trajectory – on the Eachine E58 screen you can specify the route along which the model will follow

5.) Headless Mode – a mode for beginner pilots that allows you to control the drone without having to determine where its tail is and where its head is.

In addition, the quadrocopter provides options up/down, forward/backward, right/left, altitude hold, FPV mode.

6- battery6- battery


Eachine E58 quadrocopter powered by a single-bank lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 500mAh. The battery located in a special plastic box, like modern premium segment drones. The duration of the autonomous flight is 7-9 minutes, while it takes about 60-70 minutes to recharge. The battery charged from the supplied USB cable, which connected to the battery at one end (micro-USB) and the USB port with the other. When compared to the battery, the red LED lights up, indicating that the charging process has begun. It will light up correctly until the battery charged. Charging time as a whole corresponds to the declared figures in the specification, each practical cycle fit into 1h 10min.

7- motor7- motor


Eachine E58 WiFi FPV HD Camera Drone equipped with 0720 collector motors, which laid in the rays of the apparatus. Torque transmitted through the gearbox.


Specifications of Eachine E58 WiFi FPV HD Camera Drone






Overall Dimensions:



Brush Motor

Remote Controller:

Number of Rotors/Arms:




Max Flight Time:

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:

Auto Follow:


6 axis

Effective Pixels:





Charging Time:


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