JXD Drone Tracker Camera HD


Key features:

  • Equipped with a built-in 0.3-megapixel camera that can take photos and videos
  • 6-axis gyroscope with calibration function
    Full-featured control with the ability to perform somersaults in 360 degrees
  • A built-in compass, headless mode, one-touch return.
  • The range of management is up to 40 meters.
  • Folding case, small size
  • Innovative Self-Timer Function and Stable Aerial Photography
  • Support iOS/Android, to download the application, you can scan the QR code.



This small folding selfie drone is a real delight. Its dimensions barely exceed a smartphone, and it controlled through a mobile application. The merit of Jin Xing Da engineers is that they managed to make this drone cheaper. Almost everyone can afford it.


Design & Appearance

The manufacturer paid particular attention to packaging. The box is more suitable for a good smartphone than for a cheap Chinese quadric. The package includes a drone, a velour case, a 550 mAh battery, instructions, a USB cable, and spare screws. For the first flight, you do not need to buy anything, download the Exploration UFO application to your gadget and enjoy the trip. The design of the model is simple and recognizable. You can easily distinguish this selfie drone among others by a black stripe in the middle and an elongated camera tunnel.

Front and rear LED indicators that look like car lights and headlights. At the bottom, there is a battery compartment and a slide switch. A folding mechanism hides hands with engines inside the case. So that the blades do not protrude outside the body, first, fold the front paws and then the back. The size of the drone is 21 x 21 x 3 cm, and when folded, 13.5 x 6.5 x 3 cm. If you sharply take the right stick of the quadrocopter to the side, it will flip 360˚.

The design of the JXD Drone Tracker is quite recognizable and straightforward. It is easy to distinguish among others due to the presence of a black stripe in the middle and an elongated camera tunnel. The drone has a convenient folding design: the beams with screws are hidden in the body, while the dimensions reduced from 19x19x2.8 centimeters to 13.5×6.5×3 centimeters. When folded, the drone is convenient to take with you on trips; for this, you can even put it in your pocket. This quadrocopter model does not have any protruding and fragile elements, and in just a few moments, it turns into a tiny aircraft.


Camera & Video

The maximum video quality is 640 x 480 pixels. On the street, the sharpness and brightness of the image are adequate, but problems appear already in the room, a blurry picture, and a lit white balance. The viewing angle of the lens is small and the camera always looks straight ahead. It’s a pity the JXD engineers did not think of making a first rotating head to change the tilt and angle of the camera. By the way, the quadrocopter does not have its memory and micro-SD slot. All recorded files save to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. Their quality, which is so lame, additionally depends on the signal strength.

Features & Functionality

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Management of the JXD Drone Tracker is carried out entirely through the mobile application on the smartphone; the remote control not provided. Supported Operating Systems: Android, iOS. With a Wi-Fi connection, the camera image, control sticks, and keys with additional functionality appear on the monitor. Starting and stopping motors is done by pressing the ‘start/stop’ button at the bottom of the screen. The JXD 523 Tracker quadrocopter has a 6-axis gyroscope with automatic take-off and landing functions, as well as altitude retention.

In addition, the drone provides the following functions: automatic flips, Headless mode, first-person view ( FPV ). The copter supports two main operating modes – through virtual sticks identical to the twigs of the remote control of traditional modifications and the Gyro mode using the G-sensor. The drone can be delayed in the selected position, which significantly simplifies the control of the device from the mobile application and points to the object during video recording.



In the air, the drone behaves stably and performs transmitter commands well. If you sharply pull the right stick to the side, it will roll 360 degrees. This trick, done with slight subsidence in height, perform it away from the ground. The signal range in an open area is 40-50 meters. A fully charged battery lasts for 5-7 minutes of flight.


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