Merlin DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone


Key features:

  • ZEROTECH original propeller folding technology;
  • possibility of charging from Power bank;
  • smartphone control, voice commands and gestures;
  • built-in face recognition and object tracking;
  • With a catwalk simulation, patented folding technology
  • It can be indoors and be very stable.
  • With 13MP HD camera, 4K image acquisition, 1080P video recording.
  • Support for real-time shooting modes, continuous photography.

1- intro1- intro


Selfie quadrocopter a new type of drones characterized by compactness and a good camera. They not equipped with remote control; instead, a smartphone is enough.

2- appearance2- appearance


The Merlin DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone packed in a small box; this raises the suspicion that everyone has put it there. Design and quality in the style of Apple immediately rush. The Merlin DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone case made of matte, high-quality plastic. In the transport state, the drone is very compact. In-flight condition, the frame size is 155 millimeters. The rays of the motors are made of thick plastic and able to withstand stable crashes. Below is a micro-USB connection connector for downloading videos and photos from the drone’s internal memory. The total amount of internal memory is 16GB, of which only 9GB allocated for pictures and video. Also located below are positioning sensors – ultrasonic and optical. Weight Merlin DOBBY with a battery of only 199 grams. It is good, and the drone will not need registration.

3- camera3- camera


The 13MP camera captures video in two 4K/1080p modes at 30fps. In 4K shooting mode, electronic image stabilization does not work. The photo resolution is 4208 × 3120 pixels. Even with stabilization on the video, jelly is noticeable. Probably due to the folding rays, plus the lightweight of the drone affects. The camera viewing angle (FOV) is narrow, in our opinion, only 75°. The camera tilt angle changed manually, along the vertical axis. The camera can be dropped up to 90 degrees down or raised 22 degrees, relative to the horizon. There is a function of the broadcasting video to a smartphone in real-time. There is a slight delay, but in general, the quality is quite enough to control in FPV mode. Recorded videos can save to the built-in carrier of the drone with a capacity of 16GB.

4- control4- control


After the last update, stabilization improved markedly, and the Orbit function became active. When you first turn on, you receive to update the firmware of the drone and flight controller. The update interface is clear and convenient.

1.) The first thing to do behind the update is to enable or disable electronic stabilization.

2.) With automatic takeoff and landing, it is compulsory to choose where the drone will take off and where to land, on the palm, or the ground.

3.) To fly on Merlin DOBBY, you need to catch at least eight satellites.

4.) After takeoff, you will notice that the drone is very noisy for its size. Spying on him does not work.

5.) If you performed the calibration correctly, GPS freezes would be precise.

6.) Broadcast video to a smartphone of good quality. Transmission quality selected through the application (720p/VGA/320 × 240). The drain is proportional to the distance to the drone. The lower the resolution you set in the application, the less the delay in the picture will be.

7.) Tracking the target does not work correctly, the drone may lose the goal if the tracking object contrasts little with the general background.

5- flight5- flight

Flight Modes

1.) Smart Video – a mode for taking short video selfies (10c/30c/60c) with one touch. In this mode, while you hold your finger on the ‘Video Record’ icon, the drone will begin to move away from you at the previously selected angle (0°/22.5°/45°/67.5°/90°), as soon as you remove your finger from the icon, the recording will stop, and the drone will go back to its original takeoff location.

2.) Pano Video – panoramic video shooting mode, in this case, the drone rotates slowly around its axis.

3.) Orbit – Orbit is a classic offline shooting mode. It enables you to focus the attention of the drone on any object and circulate it in a circle under previously established settings.

4.) Target tracking – aka Follow me mode – Allows you to implement the drone following any object selected for shooting.

5.) Face Track – unlike the previous mode, the pilot focuses the attention of the drone solely on the front of the chosen object for hunting, taking a close-up shot of it, and following it.

6.) Return to home – returns the drone to the takeoff point with one touch.

7.) Somersault – this mode activates drone flips in the air (flips).

6- battery6- battery

Battery & Charging

The battery of two cans LiPo with a capacity of 970mAh, with a built-in light charge indicator. It takes about 40 minutes to charge. It has a unique connection and shape, so only the original will have to be purchased. The flight time, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, is 9 minutes, in practice no more than 6 minutes.

7- motor7- motor


The Merlin DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone equipped with four types of 1104 brushless motors. There is a unique mount on top of each engine, it allows you to fold the screw halves on one side. The drone is very noisy for its size. Motor power is enough to reach speeds of up to 40 km/h.


Specifications of Merlin DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone






Overall Dimensions:



Brushless motor

Remote Controller:

Number of Rotors/Arms:

4x propellers



Max Flight Time:

Max Flight Distance:

Maximum Speed:

Auto Follow:


3 axis

Effective Pixels:
13 Megapixel


LiPo 2S



Charging Time:


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