Asus P3B


Key features:

  • Battery life up to 1 h
  • DLP projector for office
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 2 W
  • Projector Resolution: 1280×800
  • The image size from 0.64 to 5.08 m
  • Output images from USB-flash drives, memory cards



The ASUS P3B Projector can be called one of the most impressive compact solutions on the market. It has small dimensions and weight, a combination of brightness and contrast, excellent for this class devices, and even has a built-in media player along with a battery. With the latter’s help, the user can use the projector and charge other devices.



The projector itself was very compact. Its dimensions are 153.5 × 131.2 × 43 mm in width, length and height, and weight – 750 gamma. The case made of matte white plastic. On the front panel of the ASUS P3B, nothing is exciting except the ‘eye’ of the lens and the ventilation holes. The left and right panels are also of little interest. There is nothing useful except ventilation holes and the Kensington Lock.


Image Quality

The projector ASUS P3B Projector is made using DLP technology, and its light source is LEDs, which is not surprising due to its compact size. However, due to the compactness of the projector, its brightness is only 800 ANSI lumens, but its dynamic contrast ratio, on the contrary, is quite high, 100,000: 1. The claimed backlight resource is 30,000 hours at maximum brightness, and the projector can work on the built-in battery for about an hour at an intensity of 500 ANSI lumens.

The focal length of the projecto fixed, but the projection distance varies from 0.43 to 3.44 meters. The area of the picture also turned out to be quite large, from 25 to 200 inches. The image quality of the ASUS P3B pleasantly surprised. It’s hard to expect a lot from this, in every sense of the ‘marching’ device. However, ASUS engineers managed to make the picture very enjoyable. Testing took place both on a white screen and on a plain light wall. If the user watches a movie in a dark room, there will be enough brightness margin, but if the user turns on the ASUS P3B in complete darkness, then even more so. The color rendition turned out to be suitably suitable for a compact solution, and we did not notice any problems with shadows. Another disease of all DLP projectors, the ‘rainbow effect’ was not very pronounced, which turned out to be a delightful find. Our experimental subject was also good at showing presentations – the text was distinguishable



All connectors, as usual, are located on the rear panel. There are only two video ports. These are HDMI (with MHL support) and D-SUB. Two full-fledged USB ports are designed for connecting flash drives and hard drives (upper port) and for charging gadgets (lower port). In addition, the user can watch photos, videos and listen to music from a microSD card, a slot for it also provided. Also, on the rear panel is the MicroUSB port, designed to connect the projector to a PC. Headphones have their 3.5mm audio jack. The projector control keys are located on its top panel and grouped into a single unit. ASUS P3B also has a compact remote control. It is also lovely that the IR receiver located on the back of the projector, next to its connectors.


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