Asus ZenBeam Go E1Z


Key features:

  • Ultra-short focus
  • DLP projector for office
  • Battery life up to 5 hours
  • Built-in speakers: 1 x 2 W
  • Projector Resolution: 854×480
  • The image size from 0.41 to 3.05 m



ASUS ZenBeam Go E1Z is a very compact projector for all occasions. It can be used at home, on travel, for mobile presentations, and with its help, the user can charge different gadgets. The device delivered in a compact box inside which the projector itself located, a cover with a slot for a USB port for possible charging of tools, a power adapter with a current of 2.0A, a pair of USB cables, and an adapter for USB Type C.



ASUS ZenBeam Go E1Z clad in an aluminum case of light golden color. It looks beautiful and, perhaps, not in vain earned a variety of awards from iFA, Red Dot, etc. The sides are perforated to provide adequate ventilation. The lens is closed by a shutter, and the focus control located nearby, the upper part equipped with an indicator of operation and charging.

The rear part includes perforation for a 2 W speaker, as well as a switch, a pair of micro USB connectors, a headphone output, a reset, and a full-sized USB port. Using it, the user can charge external mobile devices, since the battery capacity is sufficient and amounts to 6000 mAh. The lower edge equipped with 4 rubber inserts, coupled with a substantial weight of 307 g – this provides a secure fit on the table. In addition, there is a threaded hole for mounting on a tripod, for example.



The projector supports working with devices based on Android and Windows. Apple users cheated. In the case of Windows, it will be necessary to download the Display Link application, when working with Android, the user will need to install ZenBeam to configure the projector settings, in which the user can change the brightness, change the correction parameters and the position of the device itself.

Many ASUS users will see the familiar Splendid item, where different operating modes of the device are available, be it “Presentation Mode,” “Eco-mode,” “Flashlight mode,” and others. Display Link Presenter offers the ability to work on Android using a mouse and keyboard, which can be useful when working with tables, graphs, etc. When the user starts the projector, it automatically displays a picture with QR codes for subsequent downloading applications.



It is not difficult to deal with the projector’s functionality, turn it on, open the lens shutter, download applications, and go ahead. After installing ASUS ZenBeam Go E1Z on the surface, after 1-2 seconds, it will automatically correct distortion. It copes with this task perfectly. The applications are simple and clear, and it’s not difficult to master them. It’s worth, of course, to understand that this has a very compact projector in front of us, its brightness is 150 lumens. This class of devices is an excellent result, but the user should understand that it is better to use it in a dark room, while it is better to turn off any light sources.



It is suitable for use at home, traveling, or for showing a quick working presentation. Of course, he will not replace a large screen or a full-size projector. But for those who are always on the road, it can be beneficial. The resolution is 854×480 pixels, while the diagonal can reach 120 inches. Working distance 0.5 – 3.7 m.


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