Key features:

  • Built-in 10W amplifier and 1 speaker
  • Control and monitoring capability over a wired network
  • Inorganic LCD triple panel system for natural vibrant colors
  • Easy access for filter and lamp replacement from the side
  • Compatible with input resolutions up-to UXGA and WUXGA
  • Motorized lens shift in vertical ± 60% and horizontal ± 30% axes



EIKI usually uses this LCD technology to create the best picture quality. The EIKI EK-510U projector equipped with just such an LCD module, which provides excellent image quality combined with high contrast. EK-510U projectors with 7000 brightness and WUXGA resolution. This EIKI EK-510U video projector has a matrix format best suited for projectors – 16:10 and therefore has a WUXGA resolution.



You will also note the device’s ample capabilities – such as the ‘Lens Shift’ function with vertical and horizontal adjustment, even the function of keystone correction. Concerning these functions, we especially note that not all models of digital projectors have such an opportunity. You will record the video projector lamp’s long service life in both standard and ECO modes – up to 4000 hours.


Image Technology

It has a high image contrast – 2500: 1 – of this EIKI EK-510U video projector. This option provides excellent quality and detail of the resulting image – whether it is just a digital picture, computer graphics, or printed text. The function of turning off the film allows the presenter to turn off the image shown on the screen, in that case, the attention of students must explicitly focus on the lecturer, or only at the moment when the video projector is not in use. When using this mode, the lamp power automatically reduced. Thus power consumption is reduced by 70%.

Projector EIKI EK-510U provides a perfect picture clarity, high contrast text and bright, vivid, lifelike colors for the entire operation period. EIKI EK-510U adopts advanced LCD technology. After many years of constant use and a new lamp installed in a video projector, the image will be the same as the image taken from a brand new projector. Also, the new LCD – video projectors EIKI have a high level of contrast and WUXGA resolution for perfect visualization of small details. Deeper blacks and sharper, more explicit images will make your presentation easy to read, even from the very back rows in a brightly lit classroom.


MHL & Connectivity

By connecting the EIKI EK-510U to various video sources, this WUXGA native resolution video projector can also handle input signal resolutions from VGA to WUXGA. The EIKI EK-510U projector makes it easy to connect to various devices using automatic remote configuration. Customers will also be pleased with the Crestron RoomView control system’s compatibility with EIKI EK-510U and the video projector’s ability to work with AMX remote switching equipment.

Using this projector for mobile presentations will undoubtedly appreciate the great features of the new MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) digital input. This feature makes the EIKI EK-510U a convenient device to work with and indispensable for meetings – to its ability to display WUXGA HD video from mobile phones and tablets. The availability of all types of video inputs undoubtedly provides the video projector’s best versatility when reproducing different signal sources. The convenience of using the EIKI EK-510U added by the presence of a lens with a zoom function in the video projector.


Energy Saving

The programmed mode allows the EIKI EK-510U projector to adjust the lamp power and optimally set the brightness to the level of the most significant energy saving while maintaining the best contrast, which achieves the EK-510U Projectors 2500: 1 and picture brightness up to 7000 ANSI Lm. EIKI has developed technology that can extend the lamp life of a video projector and reduce power consumption. This unmatched invention allows us to dynamically control the power of the projector EIKI EK-510U depending on usage and type of the displayed image. With this system, the EIKI EK-510U projector lowers power consumption and extends the lamp life to about 4000 hours.


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