Optoma X344


Key features:

  • The bright and portable projector
  • Precise color reproduction – sRGB
  • The image size from 0.78 to 7.65 m
  • Flexible installation – 1.3 times zoom
  • Bright XGA projector – 3000 ANSI lumens
  • Easy to connect – HDMI, VGA, USB, built-in speaker 2 W



With the Optoma X344, you get a handy XGA projector aimed at schools and companies that continue to playback, whiteboards, and screens in 4: 3 format used. The projector offers improved color accuracy with the extended sRGB color space and has one contrast of 22,000: 1. Due to its smallest size and weight of 2.41 kg, you can transport it from room to room. 1.3 times zoom allows different setups and makes the Optoma X344 flexible to set up.



When you are traveling with the projector, ideal conditions are not always available. The Optoma X344 offers 1.3 times for more flexible installation zoom, which increases the number of possible distances from the projection surface. If inclinations arise due to unfavorable installation conditions, these can be caused by the vertical keystone Compensate the correction (+/- 40 degrees) again.


Image Technology

The Optoma X344 projector can display stereoscopic content from almost any 3D source. 3D Blu-ray players and satellite/receivers come as players 3D TV broadcasts and current game consoles in question. The fast 144Hz refresh rate ensures flicker-free mainly playback. High contrast enables you to add more depth to the picture, bright whites, and rich blacks. The text is displayed clearly and clearly – the ideal solution for business applications and the education market.

With the Optoma X344, you get one DLP Projector that the XGA resolution 1024 x 768. The native format is 4: 3, with the projector being compatible with the 16: 9 size. Interesting about the native 4: 3 is that you have existing whiteboards and canvases in the format can continue to use. The projector has a contrast value of 22,000: 1. For the presentation of tables, presentations, and documents is a good one contrast significant. The distinction not only ensures that dark fonts are displayed well on light backgrounds but overall gives the image more depth. An Optoma X344 test shows excellent image properties. With its extended sRGB color space, a better representation of the colors achieved.


Energy Saving

The Optoma X344 has integrated several practical and energy-saving functions. With its lamp modes, you can save up to 70% on the lamp’s power consumption. If the projector accidentally turned off, you can turn it on again using the Quick Resume function. When the projector turned on and not used, it consumes unnecessary power and shortens the lamp’s life. With the automatic shutdown function, you can turn the projector back on after a specified time.


Eco AV Mute

With the ECO AV Mute function, you can turn off the projector image and mute the sound at a button’s touch. It draws the audience’s attention back to the presenter. The ECO AV Mute function gives you a functional element for controlling the presentation. In addition, the life of the lamp increased.



The Optoma X344 conveniently positioned for the connections. The projector has the following interfaces: HDMI (1.4a 3D Support), VGA (YPbPr / RGB), Composite, Audio in 3.5mm, VGA out, audio out 3.5mm, RS232 and USB-A power. In addition to the HDMI Interface that enables digital content playback, the USB-A Power interface is worth mentioning.

With the USB power interface, you can operate optional dongles such as the Google Chromecast without an external power supply. The current is over the USB Power interface supplied. The audience’s attention belongs to you entirely thanks to a simple but powerful control panel with the function of a mouse manipulator (USB connection) and a built-in laser pointer.


Wireless Connection

Full HD 1080p 3D streaming video to the projector can be wirelessly connected. No additional cables are required, which will significantly reduce switching costs. Optoma’s Wireless HDMI System designed to connect to a Blu-Ray projector or TV receiver instantly.


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