Ricoh PJ HD5451


Key features:

  • Image Aspect Ratio is 16:9
  • Matrix: DLP 0,65 “, 1920 х 1080
  • 3D support: DLP Link, Blu-ray 3D
  • Light source: 260W mercury lamp
  • Throw Distance (Lens Focus Range): 1.3 – 7.2 m
  • Cooling system noise (full brightness / eco-mode), dB: 37/31



The Ricoh PJ HD5451 belongs to the line of ‘universal projectors for business.’ Its design differs in matrix resolution and luminous flux – the lower the decision, the higher the projector’s brightness. This dependence, of course, is valid only for devices with the same light sources and optics. It is more suitable for home entertainment: watching movies and TV programs and using it as a gaming monitor, that is, for those tasks where Full HD resolution is desirable, and a decrease in the luminous flux by a couple of hundred lumens does not matter. In addition, the top is also glossy. And on it, there is a black island of the control panel: all buttons signed in large silver font.


Other Features

Ribbed rings control the lens. External – for focusing, internal, access to which opens through a cutout in the top cover – change the focal length (zoom). The patch panel is located not on the back, but on the side, where the power cable connector location. This arrangement allows the Ricoh PJ HD5451 projector to use confined spaces where you have to mount it against the back wall. The lettering on the connectors is vertical – probably so that they can be read-only by tilting the head and not crouching if the projector installs on a low stand. The main thing is not to take this as a hint of the possibility of vertical installation to project the image onto the wall. The Ricoh PJ HD5451 can work ‘upside-down’: it has standard holes for individual ceiling suspensions, and the menu has an item for image rotation.


Image Technology

Matrix – DLP with a diagonal of 0.65 inches. It is essential because the size of the DMD chip determines the dimensions of the optical path, lens, and the Ricoh PJ HD5451 projector itself. The chip area more fully used when displaying documents in a vertical orientation. But the ratio of 16: 9 is more suitable for showing movies and TV shows, although annoying inconsistencies occur here because old films often show in 4: 3, and many modern blockbusters – 21: 9. Nevertheless, it generally accepted that 16: 9 resolution is an attribute of a projector made not for work but entertainment.

But a very high luminous flux of 3800 lumens is already an essential property of a Ricoh PJ HD5451 projector designed to work in a not wholly darkened room. At the same time, it is customary to watch a movie in complete darkness. Therefore, home cinema devices very rarely have a luminous flux of more than 2000 lumens. However, it is crucial to know how high brightness achieve. The easiest way is due to the high power of the lamp. But the creators of the Ricoh PJ HD5451 went the other way because the device has a lamp of only 260 watts. Another critical parameter is the contrast ratio. The Ricoh PJ HD5451 has 8000: 1, which is quite good for a bright business projector. In this area, even an indicator of 3000: 1 or 2000: 1 considered very good, since, in a not wholly darkened room, the contrast will, in any case, be significantly lower due to ambient light. The projector has a built-in sound path: stereo to line out, with a 10W mono amplifier and one built-in speaker. It is standard equipment for general purpose projectors.



It will not work to insert a USB flash drive with files into the Ricoh PJ HD5451 projector and play them with the built-in player (there is no USB connector) – this is not allowed for Ricoh PJ HD5451 projector of this class and weight category. If you have managed to drag a device weighing more than three kilograms to your mobile presentation or movie show, you will surely master the appropriate source – a laptop or a compact media player. The rejection of built-in playback means is due to higher requirements for image quality than those imposed on miniature portable LED-projectors. The main interface for communication with the source is HDMI, and there are two connectors, which are useful when the projector permanently install.


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