Asus S1 Travel


Key features:

  • Easy Portable projector
  • Maximum image brightness is 200lm
  • Maximum battery performance is 3hr
  • Available with 41-inch screen monitor
  • The real resolution is 854 × 480 pixels
  • Minimum and maximum projection distance is 0.73m, 2.48m



The Asus S1 Travel LED Projector is a truly mobile device. It weighs only 342 grams and therefore, will not be a burden on the road. With a built-in 22 Wh battery, it can work autonomously for 3 hours. The Asus S1 Travel can serve as a 6000 mAh mobile battery for recharging mobile devices. Moreover, to carry out recharging, the projector itself is optional. Due to the low projection ratio, users can get an image the size of a screen of a 41-inch monitor, placing S1 just one meter from the projection screen. Thus, the projector is an ideal solution for presentations in small rooms.



The LED Asus S1 Travel mobile projector has designed with your life on travel. Only 3 cm high and weighing 342 g, the S1 LED mobile projector is the perfect portable projector for traveling professionals who need to have small luggage. So the user can take it anywhere. The built-in 22 Wh battery allows up to 3 hours of work without a power cable, which means the user can use it wherever the user wants without worrying about the nearest electrical outlet’s location. Asus S1 Travel can also serve as an energy bank with a capacity of 6000 mAh, which will charge mobile devices even when S1 is off.


Image Technology & Light Source

With the best-in-class ratio of image size to screen distance, the S1 LED mobile projector casts a 41-inch image from a range of just 1 meter – so the user can turn any large, smooth vertical surface into a screen and use the projector even in narrow spaces. S1 has a mercury-free LED light source with a brightness of 200 lumens, which ensures 100% NTSC color saturation and full-color RGB images.

The LED light source in S1 will help significantly save on maintenance costs. With a service life of 30,000 hours, Asus S1 Travel can be used for 8 hours a day for 10 years without changing the lamp. S1 has an instant on and off function because the LED light source does not require heating or cooling. In a word, in seconds, the user can share your ideas, movies, or images.


Hassle-Free Connection

In addition, the Asus S1 Travel offers unique sound from a fantastic loudspeaker supported by ASUS SonicMaster. The audio from Asus S1 Travel characterized by high quality complementing great images, so the user gets a cinematic audiovisual experience. S1 has an HDMI / MHL socket compatible with various IT, multimedia, and mobile devices. HDMI ensures compatibility with laptops, media players, and gaming consoles. Simultaneously, the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) interface allows the Asus S1 Travel to project content from an MHL compatible mobile device while charging it.


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