Panasonic PT-RZ575


Key features:

  • Contrast ratio of 20,000: 1
  • Flexible 360-degree installation
  • Maintenance-free operation of 20,000 hours
  • The dustproof optic block and durable laser system
  • Excellent image quality and a vast distance of contrast



The Panasonic PT-RZ575 is the ideal projector for intensive use and Rear projection in control centers, surveillance centers, museums, and exhibitions. It has the latest one chip DLP for full WUXGA resolution and the new generation of semiconductor laser diodes for high brightness. The Quartet Color Harmonizer color wheel covers a larger color space than comparable laser projectors. As a result, white parts of the projection displayed more realistically. With conventional projectors, precise white balance is difficult to achieve. As a result, the images often appear with an irritating green cast.


Dust Proof

The optical block of the Panasonic PT-RZ575 is dustproof and thus enables a consistent, permanent picture quality over up to 20,000 hours maintenance-free operation. It ensures maximum reliability in environments with dust particles of up to 0.15 mg per cubic meter 2. This design prevents the brightness from decreasing due to the ingress of dust particles.


Long Life & Lens Module

In environments where full light intensity is not necessary – such as monitoring, control centers, and simulation rooms – the modes for continuous operation can extend the light source’s life to up to 87,600 hours 2 in Long Life mode 3. It corresponds to about ten years of uninterrupted service with the same brightness and color. To the long life of the semiconductor laser modules, lamp replacement is no longer necessary. The intensity of the images only gradually decreases over a long period.

In addition to the lower maintenance requirements, the laser’s image quality can use immediately maintained for longer. The Panasonic PT-RZ575 has a short-throw projector lens that is ideal for that Rear projection individual rear projection boxes. With this lens, a diagonal of 70 inches in widescreen format with a projection distance of 1.2 m is possible. The motorized focus can adjust with remote control, which is particularly advantageous for installation boxes. The projector also has a motorized lens shift, with which the image position can correct vertically and horizontally.


Image Technology

The Panasonic PT-RZ575 directly modulates the laser strength and thus achieves an extensive contrast range with lower power consumption. The digitally controlled scene linking each image’s modulation also enables the light output to be controlled with even greater precision. Simultaneously, the contrast ratio of 20,000: 1 precisely achieved – even if light and dark scenes alternate frequently. The horizontal or vertical correction or the keystone correction adjusts the shape of the image to see even when projected outside the central axis or from an unusual angle. Revolving curved projection surfaces enable the projection of lifelike and undistorted images onto curved or cylindrical surfaces.



To DIGITAL LINK, which is backward compatible with HDBaseT, uncompressed Full HD videos and control commands can transmit via a single CAT5e or higher STP cable, and distances of up to 150 m can overcome. Supplement the projector with a DIGITAL LINK switcher (ET-YFB200) or a digital interface box (ET-YFB100) and further simplify installation at large venues. At the same time, you save costs and increase the reliability of the device.


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